Tuesday, 29 March 2011



Beside breathing in the economic world, my other hedonistic activities are to follow the world-class clashed between the football giants and to ponder upon the wisdom inflicted in the korean dramas and films.

Today, the Die Mannschaft has suffered its one of the most embarrassing defeats to the Socceroos, which has not only stunned the Germans, but the soccer world basically.

Starting without its World Cup superstars; Khedira, Ozil and Lamn, and World Cup legend, Klose, they look like they will enjoy the night win with an ease, but little did they know what the horror awaiting for them.

2-1. Unthinkable defeat. And when Klose was being substituted at 73 minute, he wasted two golden chances, and earned a yellow card for diving, ridiculous.

This is seriously humiliating. And what on earth makes Loew substitute Nuer for Wiese? Madness?

These mighty Germans are suddenly not mighty at all.

(I know, Sir Leicester, this is only friendly, however, emphatically, Australia has been jeered as a reserve team in Bundesliga, and look how sweet the revenge is. After much-hyped excellent Germany players they are, this is disgusting. Unforgivable.)


din said...

Have u wathced the Netherland vs Hungary game? that was awesomeee mann!!. it's euro2012 qualifier, I only watched the hihglihgts, but still was thrilled.

Dont forget another dose of football next week, Chelsea Manyoo (UCL) then the week after Tottenham vs Real (UCL too), they are all on ITV1. it's absolutely exciting! Cant wait!!

p/s: ko dah setel semua correction? hahaha... aku pun masih tak abis2 lagi paper two ni, ada kena tambah sikit...

Amri said...

Brokoli! Brokoli!

Cadangan: Cendawan segar. Keke

Nur said...


Netherland vs. Hungary 4-0 tuh ka? Awesome, the same goes with Germany vs. Kazakhtan 4-0 as well. I think Mesut Ozil and Lamn are pivotal players, dont you think so? I used to support Netherland, but after watching goal-crazed Germany, I switch my allegiance. But you used to root for Netherland as well as aiiee?

Werhgh, I hate ManU, but because it's the clash of the century, maybe I'll watch it. RM vs TS definitely!

Correction? Nah. Sv tak siap lagi discussion chapter, I should go down and visit you guys, instead of sweating here. Urgh. Sabo sabo. Paper 2 ni ka nak present in Turkey?

Nur said...


will do, will do!

Cadangan ditolak, Yang Arif, hari tuh dah letak Cendawan Biru. Hahahha.

Dah jumpa Sha?

Nur said...


I just watched Netherland vs Hungary 5-3 tuh kan? Wahhh, sgt precise their passing. Owh this team is much better from Germany (suddenly feel very worry). Well, they have another 15 months to develop themselves.