Saturday, 19 March 2011

Me too.

Gazing at the full moon tonight, I am more than convince that it will be a part of The Neverland.

They say the moon will be the largest in full shape in two decades tomorrow. Let's hope that we watch it, and marvel what a wonderful creature it is. Always zikr, always praises the Al-Mighty.

Night then.


madziani said...


Kak Nur, I admire your posts. Really inspiring!

Mau tengok bulan, tapi ditutupi awan~

zarina said...

Haah. cloudy la. tapi nmpk cam sama je.

Nur said...


You write lots of admirable things too. Please do not give up.

Dapat tgk bulan ngga malam tadi?

Nur said...

Kak Zarina,

A'ah, cloudy ja, malas nak tunggu. Kak, esok takdak jualan2 ka. Lapo ni.huuhuhuhu

madziani said...

Kak Nur, dalam waktu jam 2 pagi senggitu saya bisa melihatkan bulan penuh itu. Subhanallah.

Nur said...


Alhamdulillah, I never have that chance, blessed you that have the opportunity...:)