Saturday, 19 February 2011



SubhanAllah, it was just yesterday that I wrote about snows.

And now we have snows, fall during one of the most holy times, which is at Subuh.

It falls gracefully, dancing beautifully, bringing all the joys to us on the Earth.

Ia seperti cinta yang turun dari langit, memberi khabar gembira kepada mereka-mereka yang bersabar, yang sentiasa membuat kebaikan, yang punya hati yang penuh dengan kasih sayang.


Hikari-san said...

Masya'Allah..The last snow before the winter totally gone ehh..:) how nice.. or maybe the'll be another last drop? who knows..

Nur said...

But....the snows have gone long before the afternoon!

Owh what a disappointment.

Winter has gone, the feel of spring is on the air, but like you say, it will be very nice to have the last snow, before I go home for good.