Saturday, 19 February 2011


*The last entry about shampoo*

My hairs do not react rebelliously when I apply it generously, and I am grateful that they like the shampoo and conditioner too, even though I pick the shampoo and conditioner based on its colours. I know hairs need so many mineral etc etc etc to grow healthily, but hey, colour is important too. Imagine that you use blueberry shampoo and conditioner and your hairs smell good enough to be eaten. Rest assure that it won't turn your hair colour into blue, InsyaAllah. I don't have this kind of feelings when I use any shampoo and conditioner back in Malaysia, and my short-term goal is to try every single fruity shampoo available. Such a nice feeling, no?

Heck, what did I ramble about?

Well, I like my shampoos, and I feel that it's unfortunate if you don't like yours, because what makes life beautiful is the small, little things.

Night then, I'm off to the dreamland. Come with me, if you may.

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