Sunday, 20 February 2011



Salam Pencinta Kebaikan, semoga kebaikan dari Tuhan itu sentiasa datang menghampirimu, memelukmu, dan melindungimu dari segala kejahatan.

The snow has long gone even before the afternoon decides to show itself with the grey, somber heart. Today is the perfect example of winter day, grumpy and foggy, minus the snows. I love to see the snowflakes before I'm gone, to see the white world with the cheerful sky, to meet the cheeky snowflakes with the hearty heart, and to play the snowballs for the last time with the lighter soul.

Owh how I miss thee!

We have another 8 days at most to meet March. I dread the meeting, but unless I die first, I have to be prepared to meet the cruel month. Nevertheless, if the spring is early, March will be the most anticipated time, the beginning of the never ending happiness. To meet so many new friends, owh what a delicious life.

The Dream Kingdom is calling for me, thus, before I take a bow, ladies and gentlemen, here I present one of the most touching scenes in Harry Potter film series. Enjoy it.

*I'm still crossed at the cross-referencing though, owh you, you!*

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