Sunday, 13 February 2011


Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim,


Allahumma Solli A'la Saiyidna Muhamad, Waa'la aa'li Saiyidna Muhamad.

I was youtube hopping on the other days when I saw a video condemning Saidina Umar ra, one of among sahabah Rasulullah saw who are guaranteed a heaven (some of you may not believe it, well, it is up to you, you are the one who need the evidence of burden).

I was nearly vomiting, and my heart was so angry. I did not check the youtube video, it didn't even deserve my time. But I would like point out one thing here, for those who read this blog regularly and for those who are blogwalking, that we need to stop this kind of behaviour, slandering the sahabah, starting from ourselves and helping others.

Actually, I could not understand why does the Sheikh need to slander the sahabah? And one of the biggest, worthiest sahabah?

Why do these kinds of people need to venture their energy, their resources (intellectual, time, money etc etc) and their hearts into this kind of useless and sinful activity?

I don't get it. Seriously. If we are working of removing and slandering Mubarak, for example, that's a good use of time and intellectual capacity. But talking about bad things about sahabah? For what? To prove that another sahabah is better? Then? What kind of actions to improve our imaan will be taken after this kind of 'intellectual' debate? Will the speech change the course of history? More importantly, will the action (slandering the sahabah) endear us to Allah Rabbul Izzati?

We all know how dangerous it is a bad-mouthing activity. Kindly refer to Surah Al-Humazah ( The Traducer, The Gosssipmonger). Slandering people, alive or dead. Especially the dead because you can never ask for their forgiveness. Why don't you use your tongue for dzikir then?

Well, just remember, every single word that we utter and write, whether with good intention or otherwise, is readily written by two angels (malaikat). If these people are ready to stand in front of Allah swt and defend their actions and deeds, good luck then.


Chai Tea said...

I'm loving your spirit as you wrote this entry.
The reality strikes: it is a hard job NOT to slander others.It scares me that women are the majority Hellfire sufferers in the Hereafter. And you have stated the medicine to this illness at your second-last paragraph-dzikir! jazakillah.

Take care,
Claypath Hibiscus

Nur said...

Hibiscus? I thought you like roses? Hihihi, it reminds me of biscuits though, I'm very very hungry right now!

Thanks, let's remind each other, shall we. If I ever on the edge of slandering, just remind me ya. Yes, many many many women are in the hellfire, sadly, but insyaAllah, with Allah's mercy, we will never be there. InsyaAllah.

Take care too.

Aishah Nur Hakim said...

I can't help but giggle with your comment miss. biscuits?! you really have a thing with food eh? :)

moga dijauhkan kita dari dosa lidah dan hati.

cukuplah ayat 11 surah al hujurat sebagai amaran dan panduan.

i've been wanting to ask you; would it be fine with you if i suggest a few friends (your students) on facebook to your profile?

semoga sihat-sihat aja di sana miss :)

salam from tanah melayu.

Chai Tea said...


I am the only Malaysian di Claypath, tu pasal pakai hibiscus. But yea roses do reflect more on my inner character. Jadi bunga raya cuma nama pena semata.

Enjoy biscuit-ing!

Nur said...

Aishah content,

Well, if you don't mind, can you call me kak nur? I never teach you anyway..:) And Facebooking thingy, I don't mind, but seriously, I'm not active at all, ask Claypath Hibiscus for the proof of evidence.It will take ages for me to approve, and I don't keep in touch with people via FB. :)

Moga sihat-sihat jua anda disana ya. Thanks for the surah al-hujarat, will check it later.

Nur said...

Claypath Hibiscus,

Hihihi, No wonder, well, you know how to change the name then? Wow. An improvement. Congratulation.

I went to bed with an empty stomach. Well, Biscuit-ing is never my thingy, I'm more like...nasi-ing? Hahahah. Teringat rendang daging kau!

Aisyah said...

Salam to

Hibiscus & blueberry and aisyah conteng

really love the discussion in fact lia was presented about backbiting in our last usrah (not only about slandering but also degrading others ( feeling that I am better than others because etc etc), call other people with bad names sometimes (e.g. minah kepot, si kecik, si keding, mat kepoh) etc are also not good in islam..

I am totally agree with hibiscus that the highest population of helfire are women so check it out very good reminder for us indeed

keep posting


Nur said...


Thanks, I'm honoured with your presence and opinions.

Owh I missed that session! Yes, Sometimes it's really2 difficult to escape from all that kinds of bad behaviours, yet we need to strive to against it, it's the first level of jihad. InsyaAllah, if we can conquer our nafs, we will come out triumph, with Allah's helps of course.

Your contents have also opened my eyes to many things, keep on posting the good things.

Take care.

Hikari-san said...

Errr... puak yang paling banyak memburuk-burukkan sahabat2 nabi terutama Saidina Umar & Abu bakr radhu anhum adalah puak syiah kan.. Ia dalah secara terang-terangan.. Moga Allah bagi hidayah pada depa..:(

Nur said...


I'm not so sure, but yeah, that's what I hear. Moga-moga kita semua diberi hidayah insyaAllah.

*hugs*. Take care , k.