Sunday, 13 February 2011


Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim,


Allahumma Solli A'la Saiyidna Muhamad, Waa'la aa'li Saiyidna Muhamad.

Taken from Farhaaan

This video has made me cry a bucket. This is the very moment where Mubarak announced his resignation in Tahrir Square.

How I wish I were there, to join the best revolution in the modern history (in my humble opinion anyway). I never join any demonstration. Not even the peaceful one. First, I'm truly not interested in certain causes, I mean, I have other means to supports certain movements. Second, the demonstrations that I really wish to join are under political cause, which my Mother will never ever approve my request. I wish I am bolder and stronger, but I uphold my Mother's wishes more than anything.

Please watch the video until the end, and you will know why my tears fall without even realise it. Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Rasa macam pergi bertakbir masa Raya Haji kat kampung nenek.

Solat Dhuha, yuk?

p/s: The military force in Egypt has guaranteed to honour the peace treaty with Israel during the shift of power. I wonder, why do this news take place amids the chaos in the regime? Could it be that Israel and the USA are very afraid of these unbelievable movements? Once the Misri decide to threat Israel, with the power of 2 million people as we have witnessed yesterdays, let's remember, many many many many people will join them, including the blog author. InsyaAllah.

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