Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim,


Allahumma Solli A'la Saiyidna Muhamad, Waa'la aa'li Saiyidna Muhamad.

A quick note.

Yesterday post was inspired from Whispers in The Dark. Such a cool person. Remind me of the Whisper of The Heart Movie, love the ending.

Today is such a glorious day! I was greeted with the rains when I woke up, and contemplating whether I should ditch the meeting and earned the rage. Nah, I better get ready, and when I step out, waiting for the bus, the magnificent sun has shined. Normally, it never shows his beautiful self 'till late afternoon. But today, today of all day. And my heart is singing along. The buds, even though they are still in dormant conditions, it has started to appear. Within a month we will have daffodils and tulips, ladies and gentlemen!

On the way back from school, I see the trees whisper to each other, perhaps making peace with the cruel winter at last.

Owh what a beautiful day!

Going to Boots, with a full intention to reward myself. I really want The One, but Lola is nice too. Then last week Amalina introduces me to Miss Cherie, walah. And guess what? The Shop Assistant asks me to smell the Coco Mademoiselle! I've gone crazy momentarily. Dazed, I go out, still indecisively as usual.

I really like Surah Al An'Am ayah 83 to 86. Full of lovely names.

I'm going to the dreamland for a while. Wait for me, will ya?


Anonymous said...

salam ziarah, Blueberry. your blog's name makes my mouth watering, teringat blueberry cheesecake hehehe. XD

Hikari-san said...

2- Spring is coming :).. ohhh I'm going to miss the daffodils and my fav - cherry blossoms

3- heheh you've mentioned about Lola since x'mast boxing day 2 years ago.. come on, get one!! wink wink.. Err i love Miss Cherie - (hanya ada miniature collections je- mahal!! takde sale..:( )

Nur said...



Heheheh, yah, sorry, doesn't intent too. I like the real blueberry though, even though cherry is nice as well. Blueberry cheesecake, where do you get one?

Nur said...


2 - Yup, spring is coming! I forgot to write, I hear the birds chirping this morning, wow.

Cherry blossoms, we have that around our school. I need to go to school everyday though if I want to capture that moment, but alas, my camera has gone. Urghh

3 - I did, Huda, I did! But when my sister sees it, you what happens. You got Miss Cherie? Do you like it? I think it's too strong for my liking, having sleep through it.

Anonymous said...

well, it's just an ordinary cheesecake, with blueberry jam spread on top of it. such a nice blending of flavors, you know... with the salty and cheesy taste of the cheese mixed with the sweet & sour one of the blueberry, it's just nice and mouth-watering. :) ups, started talking about food have I. :D

by the way, nice meeting you (on this virtual world, i mean hehe)... :)

Nur said...


Ah, mouth-watering indeed. Make me want to go to the cafe and eat it blissfully. Alas, it is 4 am in the morning!

I love food too, in fact, it has been my faithful lover until now :)

Owh, I'm honoured with your presence and opinion. Nice to meet you too *shake hands and hugs*