Tuesday, 15 February 2011



I'm bored, and of course tired, I have been sitting in front of the laptop for these few days, trying to sort out the LR, and man, I've became fatter. Let's figure out how to answer the above questions, shall we, and beat me, I don't really listen to the musics that much. These will be pretty biased answers then, but what the heck, it's my answer for the day. It may change in the due course, but let that be another mysterious that could be solved in the future.

1 -Childhood? We don't have a radio, hence, we don't listen to any music at all. But one forbidden song in my high school is Isabella. Figure.

2- Whoa. Nah.

3 - Tombo Ati by Opick. Dad develops his love for this song, and asks me to play it repeatedly. He even jots down the lyric, and shows it to his other javarian friends. That's maybe the last song that we enjoy together.

4 - Preclude and Nostalgia by Yanni. It's like to be bathed in the sunlight.

5 - At this moment? Bil Nabil Huda. I'm not into nasyid. Imagine my surprise when I know this song is sang by a Malay group. Nice.

6 - Lots. Deliver Us by Ofra Haza. I used to drive them crazy by playing this song repeatedly day after day. In their house.

7- Past summer? I spent it in Malaysia. I can't remember any songs that can remind me of the sweet scent of summer. Ehm, let me see, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih? Just go along with Kam and sing it with all of our pretty hearts!

8 - First Love? Whoa. Can't remember. The selfish of me never even let me to fall in love too deeply. Fleetingly? Maybe. Sad Love Story by Kim Hee Sun.

9 - Hopeful? It must be the Deliver Us. I am touched by this song to the core. It's like pleading to God with all of your might. Owh, can I add another one? When You Believe.

10 - Lots. Flying Without Wings by Westlife. Firework by Katy Perry. It feels like I'm flying, playing hide and seek with the fairies above the clouds. Watching the golden sunset, and waving good bye to the beautiful moon.

11 - Reflection in Mulan. I love, love, love this movie. You defeat the Hun, girl. Wow.

12 - A Sad Memory by Yiruma. I was bloghopping, then tara, the song comes out out of no where, just like that. It reminds me of the exquisite twilight full of stars.

13 - A former friend? Is that mean that she's dead? No. No no no no.

14 - Whoa. No.

15 - Fall Again by Glenn Lewis, even though I don't know the full lyric. That makes me fall in love over and over again with a song.

16 - Cry? Lots and lots and lots. By Yanni, for example, Yiruma, PeterPan, Mike Mohede, Yuni Shara. You get the idea.

17 - Buttons and Nobody. Hahaha. I couldn't and wouldn't dance.

18 - Love but rarely listen to. Love? And rarely? This question is misleading, ladies and gentlemen. Never impose any misleading question to anyone, ever. Let's see, nahhhh, when I love a song, I listen to it repetitively. Positive.

19 - Irrelevant. I don't have ipod.

20 - Irrelevant. I don't have ipod.

21 - Lots and lots and lots. Take this - Lost Without You, Delta Goodrem.

22 - Hahaha. No.

23 - Lots. Current music that suits for current generation. My brains feel like exploding poops whenever I hear this kind of crap music. Another type of music is rock. Basically songs that the singers scream and rap, not sing.

24 - Owh? Poco-poco. :). Sometimes we use this excuse to exercise. LOL.

25 - All day long? Nah. I'm not that patience. Or sane.

Goodness me, I feel like crying and wailing, long and loud, until you hear. Alas, I couldn't go to the meeting with the puffy eyes, could I.


tepianmuara said...

Tombo Ati.

terkenang flight pulang ke Malaysia.
duduk di sebelah makcik Tri, orang Jawa Indonesia.

Beliau berikan saya 'Tombo Ati'
Saya berikan 'Sesungguhnya', Raihan.

Saya dan dia, saat itu, entah apa bezanya!

Nur said...


Seriously? Wow. Pasti kalian bercakap di dalam bahasa jawa. Ah, jealous gue. Anda menggunakan bahasa jawa halus, saya kira?

Apa beza nya, ya?

Owh, why don't you answer these 25 song questions then? :)

tepianmuara said...


yup, cakap jawa. dan saya minta dia ajar jawa halus sikit-sikit.

dan, dalam jawa halus ada halus lagi. indahnya bahasa ibunda saya! hah

'yang ada hanyalah kehidupan'
bezanya menjadi rahsia Tuhan.

oh, sounds fun.
we'll see.

Nur said...

yay! Membuatkan saya merasa jealous dan regret kerana tidak belajar bahasa itu.

Dan membaca entri kamu mengenai 25 songs itu membuatkan saya malu. Ya, kamu ini punya hati seputih salji.

tepianmuara said...


=). belum terlambat!

Hati? aduh. malunya. akak tentu jujur, tapi belum tentu benar kan.

Moga-moga. Ameen.