Monday, 10 January 2011




I spend the entire morning reading the attached papers sent by SV. All of these papers are not related to my papers, why does he send it though? He does have a wicked sense of humour. I do not have neither time nor heart to do another paper. The literature review will take months to do, not to mention that I have to build my modelling specification. Well. Yes, it's much easier than a surgeon's homework, I know. But unless that I discard my sleeping and watching movie time, yes, I should be able to do it.

Bear with me, my dear readers, or just scrap the next entire paragraph. Jump into number 2.

The new topic sounds interesting. The theoretical foundation shouldn't be that hard to understand. However, I'm worried about the methodology. Most papers use cointegration, from general-to-specific model. For me, to learn an entire new method is killing me. I know that I long to learn ARDL, because it is the alternative methods to cointegration, but I am out of race here. Since Lady Essex is away at Malaysia, and if SV asked me nicely to rewrite the last paper, Owh Allah, I couldn't bear this trial anymore! Please , please help me. I beg you.

If he ever asked me to do it, I know what I shall do: I just do the OLS. Muhahahahha.

I know my last paper is a little bit crap. But I learn a lot from doing it. It's an awesome method, accompany by pretty pictures.Where, in world, that you can see prettier graphs than in Economics? Honestly? And it took me so much time to dig at the model. The new topic introduced by SV this time is much more interesting, I admit. Why, owh why does he not sending these papers earlier?

You know, one of our biggest problems is to satisfy the SV's curiosity, not ours. I'm the type that easily curious about things. True, I do not care, I'm just curious. How awful it is when I put it into words, aii? Call me cold-hearted doll. Whatever.

I have abused my eyes by watching too many gruesome Korean films. I have abused my ears by listening wholeheartedly to the soppy songs. And I have abused my stomach by eating the instant noodles. I hate it. I seldom eat it. Not even when I was penniless. The normal body reaction is to puke it. So, I waste my pounds and time by buying and eating it. But I have always been influenced by the ramen-eating scenes in the Japanese and Korean dramas. It must be delicious, aii? Wrong. A thousand wrongs.

If dramas could be categorized as immigration, it is one damn good immigrant. Transcending influences across time, space and dimensions. Bring it on baby.

Taking a break from readings that drives me up to the wall, I look at the sky again. It's a somber, grey, sad sky today. We have a brief snows, follow by baby rain. It's extremely cold outside due to the raging wind. I was contemplating to go outside to get some coffee, yes, I've became addicted to it, blame it to the London friends *wink wink*. I never drink coffee/tea before. My mum doesn't serve it, and let me tell you the secret, red sirap is much more attractive than the black coffee/tea. Would you believe it that I never touch Karipap before? Because it's hideous. Yes, what a neurotic child.

Owh, I am distracted from talking about the first thing that I want to tell. I see a flock of birds. Flying happily, with no concern at all. No readings, no homeworks, no modelling. I think, why is it called a flock of birds, not a school of birds? Burung-burung yang berkawan dari sekolah. That's nice. Instead, they call it a school of dolphins. Well, ikan lumba-lumba jua berkawan dari sekolah, kan?

Was and am thinking of going down to London. I have some unfinished businesses to be settled. Or, if the destiny called cointegration shows up at my door, I definitely head up to Leicester. But I really really really want to go to Amsterdam again, to see Anis and leave all the heartaches in the UK for a while. Come with me, if you may.


Hikari-san said...

*sebenornya saya suka baca post awak yang cenggini.. hee :)) baru semangat nak komen.. ;P jangan marah,,

1. saya sangat cemburukan awak sebab SV awak memberi perhatian kepada awak dengan memberi kerja2 itu, SV saya? - kami tak kesah.. lalala~

2- Errr.. citer korea apa yang paling best sekarang? hahah..

3 Betul3x....Saya juga sudah addicted pada cofee padahal jarang-jarang minum cofee di malaysia.. :).. tak ada orang minum air sirap atau teh o ais waktu winter..susah mau cari tandas di UK haha..

4-sila turun london esok! Pak menteri mahu jumpa postgrad di Msd, KPT sponsored student wajib okey... hoyeah dapat makan free XD..

Nur said...


wah, ini saya tulis menda2 paling tak berfaedah dalam dunia. kadang2 terasa mesti pembaca2 aku nih tak dapat apa2 manafaat pong! Hahaah.

1. Tq tq, after reading your comment, yah, i did feel blessing, but after meeting him, could the feeling be reversed? Arghh.

2. Saya tgk secret garden, seriously wasting time. Not my taste at all. I love My Princess, yah, a soppy heart. *wink*

3. Ah, I miss coffee, havent have time to go outside and by it. Nih semua salah kak yatt, hahahah, saya sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sgt coffeee tuh, sampai nak eja pun tak tau...But i remember its packaging.

4. Menteri ni, suka suka jer datang tapi tak memberi manafaat sebenonyer. Jealousnyer, I wish I can get free food here as well!

Hikari-san said...

Faedah dari segi mana u'll never know, but it came from ur heart..i love reading from people heart . Manfaat ke apa, serahkan pada Allah ok.. awak bukan tulis benda tak elok.. okey!

-kak yatt suda pindah galway.. coffee tu ada jual kat tesco, haah cofee terbaik! - saya kena kurangkan minum cofee la, tak boleh tido..:( (sebab tu tetiba banyak lak komen saya kat blog awak.. kan..)

-huhuh ada la manfaat menteri datang- kitorang dapat makan free !! sambil meluahkan perasaan hehe :))

Nur said...


Wah yer ke,,,wah nyorok ya, tukar link...hahahaha...kadang2 rasa nak curse jugak dalam blog, tapi banyak budak bawah umur baca blog ni...wah, macam baik jer..

kak yatt dah pindah galway? awat nyer? jauh tuh...saya baru jer minum kopi, macam hilang kick plak dah rasanya, but ok lah tuh, bagi saya alert sket...

korang sgt beruntung, selalu sgt jumpa menteri, wish i can meet some one day. well, BNM gavernor sumpah saya nak jumpa..insyaallah...