Friday, 14 January 2011



Still need another 4500 words to be written. I've been writing crap things so far. There is a scary side of myself that I always know exist, disregard, but I never let it affects my works before. This word carries weight more than the meaning of negligence, but less than thoughtlessness. I just couldn't care about this piece of crap anymore. Conceptualization, go hang yourself.

There is a half moon outside to be enjoyed. Owh I'm in love. But, where is the Northern Star? I feel like to climb out and stay on the roof, gazing at it. Honestly, when I'm in the room, I forget that we are in the cold winter. The heater is always on. And the best thing is: the warm towel after a shower. Yes, unless you never experience the coldest wind that could eat your soul, you never appreciate the warmness. My dad hypothetically assumes that the temperature in the UK is much much colder in comparison to the NZ, because we have volcanoes over there. Is it right, Miss Geologist?

I was remarking to my flatmate how lucky the people in the UK to have services for disable people. Mentally disable people, for examples those who can't organise their diet as well as financial matters. Eating-disorder and shopaholic? I've been both, I do not think I need advices or even people to manage my life, thank you very much. Then I casually stated that this is perhaps what people in developing countries miss, we couldn't afford to allocate the resources to help these kind of people, simply that we have many many urgent national problems to attend to. What a surprised reply that I had, she told me that these kinds of services are provided due to severity of family disfunctionality in the UK. Seriously? What a tear-jerker wake-up call.

I listen to Animal Song by Savage Garden. Is the song ask us to further support capitalism and freedom of speech, which are totally against Islamic teachings? Well, the economist in me could never leave the cost-and-benefit analysis at home. Unlike some, I could never fall in love with the rhythm of a song. I must fall in love with the lyric in order to love a song, even though korean songs do make exceptions here. When I was in the chess competitions, I always sing Live songs to calm myself down, and be damn with whatever taught strategies. I love They Stood Up for Love song especially purely due to both lyric and rhythm. Tapping my fingers on the table, no wonder my opponents go crazy. But honestly, chess tournaments are crazy.

Are you missing me? No? Cheeky. They say distance doesn't matter when it comes to the matter of heart. According to the gravity theory,distance between objects/subjects is instrumental. Put it in a simple word, the bigger the distance is, the less tie will be. Therefore, this theory implies bahawa keberadaan itu sangat penting. Trues, absence makes a heart grows fonder. But remember, familiarity breeds contempts too. Atau, adoh tanpa wangenan cedhak datan senggolan? Awww, sweet.

Madness. Soul, what on earth drive you to this madness?


Hikari-san said...

go, go! :) buat chart tak to link all the concepts (memandai je saya-abaikan tak berkenaan)

1-Heater bilik awak mesti okey skarang hehe :). kenapa UK lagi sejuk dari NZ?ada banyak teori, takde yang ultimate huhu mungkin juga influenced volcanic saya sendiri ta bape familiar dengan NZ nyer goelogy tapi mungkin kedudukan england lebih dekat dengan artic berbanding NZ dekat dengan antartic dan hembusan cold current melalui Northsea agak kuat buat masa ini eceh.. sebab tu orang durham sangat sejuk.. err.. saya bukan orang climate.. perubahan temperature banyak berkait rapat dengan climate.
2-Err sekarang banyak services macam gitu sudah dipotong... recession! jimat2.. deficit zero okey.. VAT pun suda 20%
3- chess? wawawaa.. wah memang sesuai for economist = strategy penting!

din said...

Oit, bahasa jawa ke yg last tu? haha....

spatial econometrics tu bab distance la, based on tobler's first law of geography. aku pening dok study ni camana nak measure institutional distance instead physical distance, contiguity or geographical-based measure of location. SV aku la bagi idea nih... aduh.

Mai la rumah aku dok sini seminggu ka, time budak2 cuti sekolah nanti ka 19-27feb nanti ka.

Nur said...


I'm going to miss you,so much, please do not forget me, kalau ada masa sila lah komen2 posting saya yang tah hapa2 ni, insyaAllah we'll meet again in a few months.

And I wish you'll make the best dec when it come to the Abu Dhabi's offer, hoyeeee..

Erk, kalau anda bukan orang climate, anda orang laut kah? Specialist in laut dalam kan? Yah, will go to town tomorrow and buying up the coffee, i'm having an insomnia as well due to this kdrama angst. padahal kerja tan siap lagi. aduhai..

Take care k, insyaAllah semoga segala2nya dipermudahkan..

Nur said...


yah, kah?

Well, in my case, it was raveinstein yang junpa gravity concept and a founder for immigration law. Such a beasties. Physical distance aku guna distance between capital cities ja, institutional distance tak pernah dgr plak, let me know anything if u need help k..segan la plak aku jer asyik mintak tolong...apa2 pon ko memang antara econometrist terbaik !

InsyaAllah kalau dah settle everything i'll go down there, aku cadang nak pi edensor too, inilah penangan baca buku Andre Hirata.

Ok din, ko take care. Good luck!