Monday, 17 January 2011




I'm studying (Yes, I'm studying, ladies and gentlemen, I disbelieve it myself) while listening to the No Min Woo's song called Trap, and OST from My girlfriend is Gumiho, and omo, out of no where, the moon itself is presenting herself prettily in front of me. It's nearly a full moon now. Many associate the dark magics and evil activities with the full moon. I haven't watch Twilight film series except Twilight ( I find it extremely boring), and everyone seems crazier when the full moon appears! Owh, Moon, how could a thing as beautiful as you be related to the ugly things such as black hearts? It doesn't make sense, doesn't make sense at all.

I'm lazying myself and immerse in the kdrama land. I originally want to kill my dinner time by watching a part of a drama, but boy, I'm hooked with the MGIG! Let's be honest, I never like dramas, it's a DRAMA, what do you expect from a drama then? More angst, angst and angst. And the plots are always cliche. Apart from GHOST, IRIS, BOF and SKKS, none of other dramas have managed me to be sucked into their worlds. And now MGIG. I was skeptical at first, the actors are not attractive enough to engage my attentions, and supernatural involvement always scared me more than a little. But this, drama, you, you, I die literally from laughing, laughing, crying and laughing again! Yes, the show, as Girlfriday put it, owes me, heart, body and soul.

I haven't start my third paper summary. Suddenly it occurs to me that today is the first time that I couldn't be able to accompany my dad to the hospital. This. Kill. Me. More. Than. You. Could. Imagine. Right now I imagine, after breakfast at the mamak stall, he will go there, in the wheelchair and waiting the nurse to prepare the blood transfusion. Usually he asks me to buy the papers, and we normally have a normal conversation about the stupid politicians that are trying to rob our country's wealth. Or he is simply reminiscing about the past, or he is trying to make conversations with other patients. I hate needles, I hate it so much. I hate hospital, and I pray that I do not have to be there, for what-ever reasons.

The Northern Star isn't here today, again. The moon looks so lonely. However, there are lots of other stars that enough to make my heart flutters. Today, I have witnessed the greatest sky painting ever at dusk. Suddenly I remember the 'roh' concept, taught by a friend. If he is correct, then the concept is awesome. I like it. I like it so so so so so much. The essence of the concept is 'roh' isn't bounded by time and space. If I remember you, it means, perhaps, PERHAPS ( I have to capitalize it in case it is misunderstood or wronged), my 'roh' meets yous. Awwww. This is the sweetest concept ever. That's why distance in the gravity concept doesn't mean anything, figuratively. Omo.

London friend is going home tomorrow. I wish I can pay her the last visit, as well as the perfect excuse to visit London and Heathrow Airport again. Heathrow Airport and I have such a damning relationship. I admire her, I admire her so much. I admire every single friend that I've ever made on the earth. I think, in my case anyway, admiration is an essential element for a friendship. I know, I know it's ridiculous, but I could never respect a friend if there is no admirable traits, and respect is the most important ingredient. It is practically a root, without it a plant will die.

And she practically has restored my spirit by her compliments yesterday, thank you, sister. I am nearly given up of everything, but you, you have opened up my eyes.

Well, I need to write down the technology transfer and remittance now. This chapter is killing me, but I've already promised myself that I won't die. I simply won't. You too, please do not die. And Moon, good prettily bye!


MualimaH yg CHILL..=) said...

wau...xkusangka..kak nur peminat cerita2 korea jg...
Amy minat jgk!!!!

kucing brutal dah xde..tersimpan dlm hati je skrang nih...hehe

semoga Allah sentiasa memayungi kak nur dan keluarga didalm rahmat dan redhaNYa~~~

tepianmuara said...


the moon is beautiful.

Phantom blogger said...

4-I'm home :). Thanks for the sweet thought of me huhu.. Insha'Allah we'll meet again in a better condition probably after the PhD-viva - ameen. U n me, sipping your fav cappucino in Baywater wink wink.. or @ anywhere :) we'll pray for that okay.. :)

Priceless said...


Yah, I'm originally not a drama fan. It's long, tiring and so cliche sometimes.

Wah, but i like kucing brutal, cute sahaja...:)

Semoga Allah merahmati anda jua ya..

Priceless said...

tepian muara,

The moon seems so cheerful for the last few days, maybe it's celebrating your being in the spanish land? :)

Priceless said...


InsyaAllah, yes, you are awesome friend, serious.

Yes, Baywaters, I miss it already...hahahahah...and the capucinno..the best ever...if my father is able to walk again, I'll bring him over there.