Wednesday, 21 September 2011



I'm off to Prague tomorrow, Huda is supposed to join us, well, fate isn't it? Huda, gonna miss you heaps. Kak As, please pray for me.

And today's entry is about Kak Zarina. Orang sekampung teman. Kalau dah sekampung, puji lebih-lebih nanti orang kata bias pula. But what the heck? All I can sincerely say is - she is really really a nice person. Good-hearted person. Terlalu baik bagi saya. The most amazing thing about her is, she can still be nice to the people who are nasty towards her. Amazing. I could never be like her.

Please take care, as I care. Don't miss me, yah? Bak kata Ayza - Allah'a emanet olun...saya amanahkan anda kepada Allah.

Must dash!
Love, as always.


Hikari-san said...

Ohhh I wish i can, but it's just not possible,.. after so many considerations i think it will be next time insha'allah...
Have a great safe, be good and take care ok ;)

Nur said...


Berlin and Prague are great, i wish you were there to see its beauty.

Pray that you are ok over there.