Monday, 4 July 2011



Bismillahirrahman nirrahiim,

Allahuma Solli 'Ala Sayyidina Muhamad, wa'ala Ali Sayyidna Muhamad,

How shameless I am for my past entry. I went a little bit crazy yesterday, and pour my heart out in my entry.

Nevertheless, I am thankful, and grateful to Allah the Most Excessively, Especially Merciful, Ar-Rahman nir-Rahiim, The Utmost Kind, for sending me some priceless gifts, or rezk, or rahmah, through many du'a, and kind words from these special people. People who are really understand what I am going through, who have lost more than me, but are still standing tall. May Allah swt bless them with the best rezk, with the strongest protection, with the most beautiful life.

Ermayum - who has lost both of her parents. Enno - who has lost her mum. Asal - who has lost her father, her only sister, and her nephew. Aishah - who has lost her mum. And Din - who is currently facing many trials and tribulations.

And you - the strongest among us.

I want to share you some serious matters. I seldom fall in love, but when I fall, I fall hard.

I have fallen in love with this man. This beautiful man, who I bet, has many many admires which haven't hesitate to offer themselves to him. Including me, if I have a chance. (Offer means - marriage).

This man's name is Nouman Ali Khan.

Listen to one of his speeches, and you will understand why many ladies will fall for him. The thing that I really really love about him is his urges for us to go back to Al-Quran. Perfecting our solat by improving our relationship with Al-Quran. Everything he says is always concerning about Al-Quran. The words of Allah swt. To learn ancient arabic so we can really understand this brilliant kitab. To wonder at these magnificent kalam, and implement it in our lives, insyaAllah.

You know what? My weakest ability is listening. I'm not a good listener, but I will strive hard to be a good one insyaAllah. I can't listen clearly, either in Malay, my mother-tongue language, or English, the language that I am forced to excel. Nevertheless, I can listen clearly, word by word, uttered by this man. MasyaAllah. SubhanAllah. How great is it? Sometimes I wonder about the Majestic Allah swt, who bestows me this nikmat.

I envy him, in many aspects, and insyaAllah, I also want to be like him, encouraging people to not lose hope in Allah swt's mercy and love and rahmah. Please pray for me. You can visit him through these sites: Muslimmatters, Halaltube, and many sessions in youtube.

In the meantime, take care. And like Ayza Gursoy prays for me, I pray for you guys -Allah'a emanet olun - Saya amanahkan anda kepada Allah.

Salam kasih.


Aisyah said...

Hey, he is married and got 4 kids. Hahahaha. Well, Allah knows the perfect spouse for us - keep praying "rabbana hablana min azwajina wazurriyatina qurrata aqyun wajalna lilmuttaqina imama" as inspired by ibadurrahman (the slave that Allahs please).

I my self very very jealous [extremely jealous] to nouman ali khan, yasir qadhi dan ahmad deedat - because they are very knowledgable and they shared/ sharing the knowledge they have for the benefit of ummah in general.

I was reading the article yesterday about Ustazah Yuyuk from Indonesia - when she met a palestanian lady, she [the palestanian lady] challenged her - she said, "you are now 41 and you only memorized 20 juzuk of Al-Qur'an?, What are you doing in your 41 years?". Oh Allah, I feel so shame! Despite of continuous war in Palestine, they still have time to memorise al-Quran. Like me, I am 31 years old now, and live in a very peaceful country and surrounded by good family and I only memorised surah al-ikhlas? what a shame! I was really like a hammerblow to me! What I did over the last 31 years of my life?

I am afraid God will say - "aisyah, you dont have a strong determination in studying/ memorizing al-Quran. You dont have any serious attempts. You may be serious in studying accounting/ endogeneity but NOT very dedicated about Al-Quran". Oh Alah, please forgive me my sins and have mercy on me!

Chai Tea said...

Salam K Nur and K Aisyah,
I wholly agree with you both that N.A.K is one amazing speaker/scholar. K Aisyah, sebenarnya pertama kali kami berdua dengar ceramah N.A.K ialah melalui link di fb akak tu . Masya-Allah sungguh menarik kupasan tafsirnya.Jazakillah sister for the link. Lepas tu lina n k nur ada meneka2 ntah N.A.K ni single kot.keh3..kami seia sekata merasakan jika ada contoh seorang lelaki yg deserved pinangan seorang wanita, N.A.K lah antara jejaka istimewa itu!dalam kata lain, dia xyah mencari kerana dia pasti dicari kerana tarikan sinar iman dan peribadi beliau. tp, xsngka pula dia dh kahwin (n anak 5 kan..kalo xsilap lina). ihihihih.

K Aisyah n K Nur, sama2 kita istiqamah dalam mencari ketenangan dan mengumpul pahala sebanyak2nya utk kehidupan yg abadi di sana.
Lina harap kita semua dirahmati dan dilindungi Allah sentiasa. Ya Allah peliharalah hati kami, amiin..

Nur said...


I know, I know! That's why I wrote, if I could offer myself, which mean it cannot be done. *sigh*. Once Amalina and I talked about him, and he is the type of men that women can offer themselves toward them. Like Our Ummul Mukminin offered herself to Rasulullah saw. Hahahha. Keep on dreaming, yet, it's a hope and pray.

I haven't listen to Yasir qadhi and ahmad deedat's talk. What I like about Mr. Nouman is he brings down his levels lower and suitable to the audience. Instead of being a lecturer, he's being a teacher, an extremely kind as well. That's what making me really really envy. The knowledge itself is presented in a such a way that motivated us to be better. I hope that I can teach like him.

Ustazah Yuyuh, she was brilliant, aii? 13 children, yet still have time to be involved in politic. I heard that story too, and that has further fueled my motivation to memorize al-quran insyaAllah. But I need a really good teacher, which not only teaching the essential of understanding quran, but making it easier without having to intriduce all sorts of advance arabic terminology, that can daunt even the strongest soul on earth.

Dont worry Aisyah, partly our mission and obligation is to conquer the knowledge that many westerns have excelled , and modify it for ummah. Maybe you can develop the Islamic accounting system, so we are no longer dependent on the western rules and standards?

I was once dreaming of developing an islamic economic model for agriculture. Hope Allah swt still guides me in that areas, but currently I'm so hooked with Mr. Nouman's lectures, and hooking with al-Quran, even though I dont understand most of the kalam!

Pray insyaAllah that Allah swt makes us easy to memorise, implement and encouraging people to be 'ahli al-quran'.


Nur said...


Hahha, kan kan kan...lelaki macam itulah nak boleh dipinang. Eceh!

I'll see you soon insyaAllah! Let's pray and fasting together, I hope that we are able to meet Ramadhan, and fulfill it with the most amazing blessed activities, insyaAllah.

Aisyah said...

nur & amalina,

pls listed to yasir qadhi talk in you tube (the miracle of Al-Quran), the Doa, and a series of "understanding surah yusuf" then you will go crazy!

like me!

may Allah make us istiqamah in learning/ studying al-quran...jealous of amalina now, she has taken step to spent some time to read the tafseer and sharing in her blog. May Allah make me consistent in sharing the knowledge too..

one hadith said: the best among you is the one who learn al-quran and teach Al-Quran to others (sahih bukahri or muslim - not sure but it is sahih).

May Allah bless us in rajab and syaaban and reach us to the month of ramadhan! Cant wait for Ramadhan! the month of blessing ya Allah!

Aisyah said...

sorry byk typo error...nie la namanya speed writing ;-)

btw amalina thnks for sharing the doa...rabbana la tuziq this doa..

lets reminding each other to the straight!


Aisyah said...

I told my husband that after I completed my study, i plan to do another phd in quranic studies under supervision of NAK/ yasir qadhi Hahhahaha....jgn jeles...ingat nak minta sultan brunei sponsor my phd in the US.

may Allah set the best for me in my life [and he always is].

Nur said...

Aisyah and Amalina,

Do check this link:

It drives me crazy that I never even heard 99% of the mentioned Sheikh and scholars, even in their comments. SubhanAllah - me, who are used to remotely interested in listening to this kind of talks and speeches, now I cant seem to get enough of NAK!

InsyaAllah, let's pray that Allah swt invite us again to taste the sweetness of Ramadhan. And if we die, we die in striving hard in fulfilling our duties.

One gem from NAK, in one of the ayah that I forgot which one - Allah has choosen us specifically to be a muslim. Wow! This really affects me to the core - me, us, have been choosen specifically. But with that comes a huge responsibility, but nevertheless, He knows that we can do it! Owh Allah the Most Kind!

I'm jealous with both of you as well, many of your entries are about the reminders from Al-Quran, while me, are full with craps. InsyaAllah this will change sooner, as I want these entries to be a witness against me in Mizan later, insyaAllah.

You know what Aisyah!? I have the same idea! MasyaAllah, yes, I want to join NAK's Dream project, I don't care how difficult it is to get there, but I vow to myself that I must get there, come what may. But your very idea of asking Sultan Brunei sponsor is very very interesting! Let me know the procedure. Let's make it happens, first, by du'a, and second by finding the sponsor!InsyaAllah. Owh Allah, this is very exciting!

May Allah grant us all this desire to be as close as possible with His Kalam. May Allah swt guide us, and let us stay in the true path until we meet Him. InsyaAllah.

Chai Tea said...

k nur n k aisyah,
i am sure u both realize that u both never wrote crappy stuff!! ku anggap kesemua catatan komen di atas ini sebagai tanda merendah diri dan sentiasa merasa diri kekurangan. memang itu tanda2 mereka yg memperhalusi sifat2 Allah dan bertaqwa kepadanya..:). Jangan lupa berdoa padaNya supaya sinar hidayah itu tidak hilang dari hati-hati kalian.
-k aisyah, plan mohon scholarship dari negara jiran itu perancangan murni namanya.murni dunia, murni akhirat, amiin..anyway we pray for you!!n i will check out links yaser qadhi etc yg k aisyah suggested above.
-k nur, marhaban2..temanilah daku di bumi england sekali lagi.insya-Allah panjang umur dapat kita bertemu Ramadhan indah bersama2.amiin

Enno said...

ah... dia sudah nikah nur! :P masih ada lagikah yang seperti dia? :)

nur, saya nggak menyalahkan kamu karena bersedih kehilangan abahmu. saya juga seperti itu beberapa bulan yang lalu, dan masih sedih juga hingga hari ini. tapi betul, memang kita tidak boleh sedih berlarut-larut. sebab kata ustadz saya, nanti seolah2 kita tidak ridho pada kehendak Allah...

kita memang harus saling menguatkan. itulah gunanya teman ya kan? semoga Allah selalu memberi kita kekuatan dan kesabaran. InsyaAllah. Amin