Monday, 16 May 2011


Amsterdam in Spring

Amsterdam in Winter


Most of my friends have i-phones, blackberry, or any other androids. Me? I was and am tempting of having one. Just because I do feel inferior when my handphone is placed beside theirs. Nevertheless, I just use it for calls and sms. I'm not even interested in listening to the songs stored, nor do I incline to read al-quran through it. Or taking pictures. Yes, I'm that primitive. Or traditional. Why should I buy one then? But....I do want to have one.

Suddenly I remember my memories in Amsterdam. Even though the city is less glamorous in comparison with any Italian cities, it holds a very special meaning to me. I have visited the city for four times, and in different seasons. In the Summer, in the Winter, and in the Spring. But I never have a chance to visit the city during the graceful Autumn, simply that autumn is the busiest time for studying, where our SV will demand to see us for every fortnightly. Let me tell you, two weeks are not enough for thinking stuff, let alone writing . I'm a very slow learner, and a slow reader.

Teacher's Day. Happy Teacher's Day to Mum and Dad. And to you, my fellow friends. We are, at some points of our lives, a teacher. I doubt it if you claim that you never teach. Perhaps not in a formal way, but in an informal way. I love teaching, simplifying a difficult concept. Showing how wonderful a knowledge is. Implementing it in our lives. Influencing it. Moulding it.

I couldn't remember all of my teachers' names, as I am very very bad at remembering names. But insyaAllah, I always remember them in my du'a. The most influential teacher that I have ever had is Mr. Brian Silverstone, who teaches me Macroeconomics II, and my goodness he does have a quirky side, as every other teachers. As he is a part of policy-making team in the Reserve Bank, he teaches us as we are the members of the Reserve Bank, so fast, with a little explanation. But I love, love him, as he has taught me that the highest standard doesn't come cheap. I memorize every single word in the notes that he has given us, including the crazy mathematical theories. I am that diligent, at that time.

Well, for those who are teachers, or plan to be a teacher, or just plainly love teaching: Happy Teacher's Day!


tepianmuara said...

1. Tak yah belilah kak.
2. Looking forward for Amsterdam. =)
3. I'd love to be your student. err, already am, I guess.

Happy Teacher's Day!

Chai Tea said...

Beb, thank you kerana mengajar aku selama ini. You did simplify a difficult concept dear. economics trasa begitu ringan bila mndegar penerangan ko. tq ya beb. Allah bless u, always

Anonymous said...

happy teacher's day, Nur. :)

Din said...

Salam, min tanya bila la fakhzan nak mai nii? aku pun taktau nak jawab hehe... la ni ko kat mana sebenarnya? dah balik msia kaaaa?

Nur said...


1/ But....

2/ Go, go. But I'm not so sure whether you will love it. I take the journey to Amsterdam as an escapism!

3/ Really? Thought it's the other way around.

Happy Teacher's Day too!

Nur said...


Beb, it's a pleasure. Actually you are a very good student, I just need to explain it once, and voila! You can relate it to the law thingy. Amazing.

Nur said...


You too, have a marvelous Teacher's Day. or everyday!

Nur said...


Maybe around July? Or August? Or September?


Unknown said...


My dear Kak Fakhzan:

I MISS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Bila nak balik Malaysia ni, along nak belanja makan...hehehehhee....

cepat balik ye sis!!! RINDU2!!! <3