Wednesday, 13 April 2011



Sahabat-sahabat yang dikasihi, yang sentiasa di hati, dan tidak pernah mati. Moga-moga kalian sentiasa berada di 'sirotol mustaqim'. InsyaAllah, insyaAllah.


Sometimes we wish so badly that something isn't happening. But as we know, fate is irrecoverable. That's show the power of Allah The Most Exalted. All we have to do, like what Gandalf said, is what to do with the time that is given to you.

This concept has also been portrayed beautifully in Surah Al-Asr. We have been allocated with a certain amount of times. We, too, have been bestowed with an intelligence, to clearly distinguish between good and bad actions. And as the greatest gift from the Al-Mighty, we have religions to show us the true paths, and only one religion is true.

Since our time is limited, and we always do some errs, let's make up for the rest of our times with the good intentions and deeds. Even though it's hard to do it, let's struggle, and struggle, and struggle.

My flat mates always told me that they will know that I am cooking even when they ride the elevator, through the smell. Yah, I will always fry the onions, gingers and garlics, and sometimes with all the herbs to make my cookings more edible. I could also recognize who is cooking, because each one of them has a different style of cooking. Sadly, none of them like Asian food, and I couldn't offer them any of my cooking, unlike in my previous flat. However, both of the previous and current flatmates eat vegetables a lots. Half of their plates will be filled with vegetables, mostly broccoli, cauliflowers and carrots for the Europeans flatmates, and all other Asian vegetables for the Asian flatmates.

In another minute, the kick-off between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur will start. My brother hates Hala Madrid, because CR7 has moved from his favourite team, Manchester United, to Real Madrid. Am I expecting any huge shock and upset? Not this time, not this time.


Enno said...

nur, liat gambar2 itu, sepertinya kamu penggemar Lords of the ring?

saya juga haha :))

Aisyah said...

Salam nur,

"Although it is hard, lets struggle struggle struggle".

Teringat pula lecture prof nouman ali khan di youtube - bahawa antara sifat orang yang disayangi Allah adalah orang yang sentiasa rasa takut jika Allah campakkan dalam neraka, orang yang sentiasa merasa dirinya banyak dosa, dan juga orang yg sentiasa risau dan bimbang jika dirinya tidak ikhlas beribadat kerana Allah - bimbang Allah melabelnya sbg orang yg hipokrit. Maka orang-orang ini akan bekerja kuat- strive, and seek for Allah forgiveness and guidance - and Allah will guide them.

As for those who think that they are doing well, or feel comfortable (as if that heaven is guaranteed for them), or of they think that they are pious enough/ qualified enough to gain paradise, these are the characteristics of people who not humble themselves to Allah, nauzubillah.

May Allah guide us (in whatever we are doing) to the Jannah. Amin. ;-)

Nur said...


Saya sangat menyukai LOTR. Bonda saya sampai kata ' tak muak-muak kah tengok film ini', kerana kami putar hampir setiap hari!


Nur said...


Salam Aishah, thanks for dropping by and giving me your honoured thought. We weren't able to go to usrah last week, thus, at least, we got some pahala due to your sharing!

Hope your correction is going on smoothly.

I love lectures by Prof Nouman Ali Khan. It's really difficult to measure ikhlas, because ikhlas is between Allah and us alone. To create ikhlas is much more difficult too, but as I know, Allah swt knows and only takes our efforts into account. InsyaAllah.

To err is human, aii? May Allah protect us from every single thing that can deviate us from the tru path. InsyaALlah.

Aisyah said...

Thanks nur for your dua,

May Allah grant me patience and courage and grant me Jannah

It is a part of fate in my life and I believed that whatever Allah had determined for are all the BEST.

Allah knows, what I dont know.

May Allah facilitate our affairs in this life and in the next