Saturday, 2 April 2011




It is the first malay sitcom which makes me glue to the youtube for the straight 10 hours approximately. Yeah I know your expression, I’m disgusted too with myself. But I have never watched any malay sitcom which is cooler, more entertaining and more damn interesting than this one. Well done producer!

But due to my nature, I would like to express myself about the sitcom. Some values are totally repelling me. For example, drinking is common. Is it? Am I too naïve? Owh Nur, you have lived for so many years, yet I could never believe that any malay can drink. And this sitcom SHOWS it plainly. Parties for artists are full with it. Children can even buy it in 7 eleven. No wonder the crime rates are increasing.

Another value – sleeping around. Again, I could never comprehend it. Are we muslims? And the wife is cheating with another man, until she carries the baby, owh my God. If the sitcom shows that it is ok to carry your lover’s baby, I am pretty sure that society will follow the view too. As far as I observe, the media is a God in Malaysia, particularly with teenagers. Don’t ever underestimate the power of TV, fellow parents.

Don’t get me start on the clothing thingy in the sitcom. Even though I’m quite liberal, but tight-fitting t-shirt, bikini-style dresses, owh man, no wonder men could never hold their lusts.

On the other hand, I should praise them for succeeding in bringing other values that are quite forgotten in our society. Every religion believes that we have another life after death (I think, opss..i do not back up my opinion this time with a research, cant be bothered right now). Then, has Zack pay for his every other crime? Maybe, maybe not. For those who believes that what goes around, comes around, certainly feel satisfies that eventually Zack has already got what he is supposed to be punished for.

So my dear friends, please watch out our actions then.

Another value, helping strangers without asking favours in return. That is so rare nowadays, right? Have you help anyone today? Even by lending your ears to someone who is perhaps already out of his/her minds right now, can be judged by helping the needy. Always ready, my friends, to be the first who can offer helps. And may I take this opportunity, to say thanks to my friends back there in Essex University, by being the bestest friends ever. No words can describe my gratitude to Allah swt for granting me another miracles. And still waiting for my miracles here in Durham Univ.

And the meaning of friendship in this sitcom has elevated to another level that I couldn’t phantom at first. Ready to die for your friends? I understand the length of actions that we will take for our loved ones. I even believe that we are ready to slay dragons for them. Because I know what will I do for my friends back there in Pahang. How I miss them so much.

Another interesting one is, no fate is designed to be meaningless. Every thing happens, happens for reasons. Believe that, and you will be so powerful in determining your destiny. If you meet someone, you are meant to meet them. Learn from them. Be nice to them. Care for them. Or if you dare, love them. But if they leave you, don’t be so hard on yourself. As I learnt from another blog – bersyukurlah, dan bersiap sedialah, kerana kamu akan ditinggalkan oleh sahabat-sahabat lamamu, dan menemui sahabat-sahabat baru mu. Dan berdoalah semoga diketemukan semuanya di Syurga.

Owh. That’s nice.

Dan kepada sahabat-sahabat perjuangan ku – berusahalah! Gambatteee!!


Ermayum said...

sad to say drinking thing is common dear - in corporate sector like mine dari yg rendah ke tinggi sad yes it is

i belum pernah tgk ghost :)

Nur said...


Seriously? Malays drink as well? MasyaAllah...*pengsan*

Please try to watch it, it's funny, instead of horror. I cant watch horror movies anyway..:)