Saturday, 12 March 2011



Define Happyness:

A bowl of rice with the delicious soup.

Happy Saturday, my dear friends.

Japan was hit by one of her worst earthquakes and tsunami, which the assessed damages are beyond words right now. The nuclear plant has exploded, leading to the worst fears of the radiation effects. I'm pretty sure that there are muslims among the victims, and I beg you to pray for their souls. As well as the missing and the live ones. Al-Fatihah.

"And we tested them with good (blessings) and evil (calamities) in order that they might turn back." [Qur'an 7:168]

Abd al-Malik ibn Ishaq said, “There is no one that is not tested with health and prosperity to measure how thankful he is (Shukr).”


Hikari-san said...

Yup antara yang menyebabkan saya down, tahun yang seismic sangat active yang bersambung2 dari NZ, china ke jepun, hawaii dan sulawesi.. sume tertumpu di ring of fire.. mmmm..
semoga Allah pelihara ummat ini..

Nur said...



Sorry I don't get you, does this tragedy affect your study, or are you afraid of looking it at the Islamic perspective?

I'm extremely worried after reading Ustaz Hasrizal recent post, to that extend our own attitude towards Japan's tragedy? Innalillah, sungguh dahsyat sekali akhlak di negara kita yang tercinta itu.

Take care Huda, jangan sedih, sedih..I'm not so sure when will my viva be, I haven't finish correcting the entire papers anyway, wish me luck in the race against time.

Just come whenever you want k. Will be waiting for you here, insyaAllah, if we don't meet here, we'll meet later.