Sunday, 13 March 2011



I just got my second paper for correction, and what a correction need to be made. My weakest point is on the exchange rate analysis, which SV has pointed out loudly and clearly, and the worse thing is, I knew it before I hand it in! But honestly, I thought it was good, even though maybe it is not as good as what He thought. I hate monetary, it is a well-known feeling among my friends. Unlike Lady Essex and Sir Leicester, I can't graph the exchange rate movement against the third variable, or even grasp the real meaning of the exchange rate and its consequences to the monetary supply and demand. Yuck, and I need to read tonnes of journal just to justify my findings. Allahim, Allahim, please help me, please, please.

I found that Ustaz Hasrizal's recent post was really disturbing, and sad, and eventually I was seething inside. I don't want to go this Land Of I Don't Caresm, the morally corrupted behaviour is far, far frightening than in the UK, the Land of Christian and Atheism. How could you make fun of this tragedy? This mockery is sickening.

Well done, para pembesar yang sedaya upaya menghapuskan pelajaran agama, tulisan jawi, promote hedonism, dan segala-galanya yang memual dan memuakkan hati. Dimana ulama'-ulama' terkini untuk membantu kami-kami yang tiada ilmu ini? Bimbinglah kami, tunjukkanlah ajaran Islam yang sebenar, dan tuntun lah kami ke akhlak yang diredhai-Nya.

And you, you my dearest readers, at least, please write a post about Japan's tragedy, ask your own readers to recite al-Fatihah, show that you care and let's take this tragedy to heighten our iman and tawakal. Biar kalimah-kalimah peringatan itu menjadi saksi kelak di padang mahsyar, dan biar timbangan beratnya melebihi Bukit Uhud. Let's run to the Jannah, together, shall we?

Salam Sayang.


almuna said...

Yes, you are so is sickening. They are in their comfort zone. They are so naive and thought Allah will never tested us with tragedy like this. It is frightening. I'm so scared at the same time...May Allah protect us.

Nur said...

Salams Kak yang dimuliakan Allah swt,

Syukran for the visit. InsyaAllah everything will be fine, it's our jobs to give reminders, aye..

I'm scared too, I hope we won't experience the swift retribution of our owns sins.

Take care, Kak.