Saturday, 5 March 2011



Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim,


Allahumma Solli A'la Saiyidna Muhamad, Waa'la aa'li Saiyidna Muhammad.

The below entry is quite long, bear with me. Most pictures are stolen from here and here.

Seeing the above picture makes me smile, a lots. There are so many religions in the world that ask the women to cover their hairs, including mine. Yet, there are many who dares to show their hairs to non-muhrim/non-mahram, especially in Malaysia. Also, to not properly wear real hijab. I'm pretty sure that every muslim lady knows how cover their aurah. Since I live in a very beautiful, yet small town, I never really receive any abuses for being a Muslim, alhamdulillah. Like in Malaysia.

I know it is really hard to wear proper hijab when there are so many people jeer, condemn, mock and hurt Muslim women for wearing proper hijab, but, yeah, it's a part of life trials and tribulations, aiii?

Some believe that terrorists have similar facial features, and many of them look like the man in the above picture. Or like Pakistani. Or Arab. Basically, the dark-skinned men or the not-so-white men. Pity, isn't it. To be judged based upon your skin colour. I know some people might think that since I'm wearing hijab, I have the potential of being a terrorist, and I make sure that I smile extra brightly when I am in the airport. Whether I emit the terrorist aura or not, I no longer care. The world is seriously crazy if they believe in totally bogus concepts.

When I walked home from school yesterday evening, I met so many lads in the kindergarten who waved goodbye to me, funny, I didn't even smile at them in the first place. Shame on me. And then I heard an angry conversation between two people behind me. As my hearing is no longer as sharp as before, or perhaps due to my deteriorating English listening skill, I could only capture the essences of the conversation: Jihad. U.S.A. Democracy. Middle East. Crazy.

Turn out that they were European students, and if I am allowed to be a judge, they were obviously from political study who were just came back from the Democracy vs. Jihad class. Many people are confused with the Jihad concept, heck, me too.

Going back to the man in the above picture, he is bestowed with the blue eyes, mesmerizing, isn't it. How could Allah create that, SubhanAllah. Once I saw a cat with the blue eyes, as I am afraid of a cat, and as I never learn Biology, I only stood in front of him and analyzed his beautiful eyes. Voila, he has the yellowish iris.


Reading Al-Quran at night, and on the bench? MasyaAllah, MasyaAllah. Where many people opt to read novels, or comics, or journals, this man obviously doesn't care with people's opinion. I know many people hesitate to read al-Quran in the public space, afraid of the people's perceptions and succumb to the syaitan's whispers. Me in particular.

I need to change.

Iqra' is the first word. And we will never be a great scholar if we don't read and read and read. Although there are many, too many materials that need to be read, read we must. Sometimes we can gauge the level of a man's intellectual and spiritual based on his readings. Scary, isn't it. I will hold a title after this, and this burdensome title scared me deep. Being a lady is very difficult, being a muslim lady is much more difficult, being a scholarly muslim lady? I must die a thousand times before I can even claim this title.

Glorious picture, isn't it. You can debate about all elements in photography; the light, the subject; etc etc etc. But I simply love the act, and it shows that we will never be alone, Help is very, very near, if we ever believe it. Repentance, must be the number one act that we need to do, everyday, every second of our lives. The nearer we are to the death, the more humble we must become.

There are many miracles stories concerning the power of du'a, as you must have come crossed during blogs hopping, or even in your own short lives. Where there is no one that can help you, except Him, and Him alone. Where your entire, little heart is full with hope, and hope alone. Then, the manifestation of the power of your du'a will evident in front of your own eyes.

But I have friends, that pray regardless whatever their conditions are. Miraculously, they pray more when they receive even a small blessing from Allah swt. It is not that they do not pray hard when they are in dark predicaments, but I've witnessed that they prostrate more when they are happy. Strange, my first thought.

They do not hesitate to prostrate in the open field with the laughing daisies. They do not procrastinate to do prostration in the dusty room. They do not even pause and stop to think about other people's opinion . While most people are driven by griefs and heartbreaks in order to prostrate, they, my incredibly wonderful friends, are driven by happiness and gratefulness.

Amazing. Way to amazing.

I'm hungry, shall we continue our stories after this? Owh yeah, let's bow to the Creator, the Most Glorious, The Most Kind, first, shall we.


Ermayum said...

i have so much hope in my heart that my parents are OK at the other side. of course they are OK right Nur? why? because Allah MAHA PENGASIH PENYAYANG PENGAMPUN DAN MAHA MAHA BELAS KASIHAN
i have nothing to worry kan - they are ok

i love this post :)

Nur said...


Yes, they will be fine, as long as you are fine. InsyaAllah. Take care ya.

*hugs and kissess*