Wednesday, 9 February 2011


(Please do not read this entry, it won't increase your imaan, or knowledge. )

Incredible, after much-hyped German total football, the match is draw now with Italy. The Italian team only has one world class player, while German team has several, allegedly.

And now, draw!!!

What a waste. I force myself to be up to watch the game, rather than sleeping, and abandon it due to the disappointed live stream online.

Football is a cruel mistress. I should just stick to F1, no harm will be done to my heart.

And to live with this unbearable hurt.

p/s: Loew takes Lahm and Muller out in the second half, what a price to pay. Eat your heart out, Loew.


Anonymous said...

huk alo, friendly match aja cik kak, no need to sedih2 daa....

org leicester

Nur said...

Salams orang Leicester,

Hohoho, after much being said that we must beat Italian team since the last victory was 16 years ago, now the Coach Loew said it was satisfying to have a draw.

You know somehow I lose my faith on this team, such a fake greatness.

Hihi, forget it, as I said, it's hard to fall in love with football.