Monday, 28 February 2011


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When I'm shivering, feel like vomiting, generally unease and unwell, it only means one thing. I need to eat rice. Take care. Have a beautiful March then, and February, I'm going to miss you.


Anonymous said...

it's within the blink of an eye that the time flies past us. have a nice meal, Nur. and get well soon yea. :)

Ermayum said...

hi kuih koci my favorite kuih ever hehehe
tq visit ermayum sudi sudilah datang selalu eh
have a great march april to Dec to you as well :D

Ermayum said...

ya Allah Nur awak ke kuih koci why hehehe Nur Nur from beautiful blueberry you dah jadi kuih pulak :D

Nur said...


You name reminds me of some great anime character, will goggle it later.

It is, and as Ermayum wrote, Ramadhan will be here in 5 months times! Gosh, that scared me, I haven't fully prepared to meet the greatest month yet.

Thanks for the du'a. Keep on praying.

Nur said...


Seriously? I like it too..:). But I do not know how to make it, it's quite hard and much hassle, so it's better to but it though.

I always visit your blog, but I'm only a silent reader. Heheh, but I always pray for you Erm. And your mum and dad too.

Yah, I love blueberry, and kuih koci, will change it later perhaps!