Sunday, 9 January 2011



I was at page 45, and I couldn't go on. I reread and reread until it makes my head spinning. Last night I managed to go through 20 pages. And today, I manage to look at 25 pages more. Hardworking student, no?

Then the sun distracts me. The sunset. The colour of the sunset. Who ever could predict that I am being handed down the most beautiful gift ever? I get a room that face the field, the trees, and houses that look like in the movie set. My room is at the third floor, thus I can see everything down below.

The sky stretches out as wide as the eyes can see. It's not as blue as Jordan's sky. It's not as soft as at the Holy ground. But it still makes me cry. Without intention. Me, who can't even shed a tear when I hug my family.

This morning, when I slide the curtains, voila! There are snows everywhere. It's picturesque, beautiful yet cold to the core. And the sun greets me, subhAllah, how could a sun rise on the day that we have snows? Is it a way that Allah wants to convey me a message that faith and patience are definitely fruitful? Is it a comfort from Him? Ah, the ungrateful servant, forgive me, ya Allah.

And today, for the first time in a very long time, I see the crescent moon, waving goodbye cheerily to the tired sun. And how lovely it is that I'm able to watch the moon whenever I want to. I never have this kind of luxury before, I always wish for it, even when I was really small. I will wake up and pray at our small window, wishing that angels, the moon, and the stars will come out and greet me. You know, one of my very dreams before I die is to watch the night to pass, the starry night, where the stars are dancing madly and teasing each other.

Ah, the Northern Star has come out! You cheeky, have you appear to cheer me up?

p/s: watching the star and the moon with the song from secret garden as a background is not recommended.


tepianmuara said...

Jordan was mentioned.
and here I come. haha.

the sunset, the moon, the stars..
all are written in the Quran.

Signs of the Creator.

No wonder we feel such attachment to them, right?

Nur said...


Yes, my friends used to be puzzled with my significant attachment to the sun, the moon and the star. Particularly the sun.

I haven't have any chance to observe the Cairo's sky, mainly it's because they are so...dusty? The sky has lost its appeal , my thought anyway.