Wednesday, 9 January 2013



I was angry today. Really angry. I had stated in the first class that all students should come early. If they are late, they could sing some songs, or perhaps dance a chicken dance.

And today's the eighth class, yet they dare to come late, again, by 15 minutes. Normally I just let it pass, but not today, as we have a quiz. So, they disrupt the class, have less time to do the quiz, and hurt me.

Yes, just ask your teachers, or any other teachers really, do rude behaviours hurt them or not. Even though we haven't show it, but deep down in my heart, I am really pissed off. Like they dont care, disregard everthing; teachers and friends be damn. Disrespect themselves, as well as the ilm'.

I wrote this below sentence on the whiteboard, just after the last person entered the class.

Real muslim gentlemen do not come late, unless with a reasonable excuse.

And I added more wrinkles on my face, and burden on my heart when I continued to be angry for the entire class time.

The lesson for me? I should just let it go, clearly I still can't comprehend Allah's af'al. Or advice them nicely.


Oh Allah, please forgive me. I do not pass this small test, how could I pass the major one? Please help me.


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mrsbad said...

xmakan saman eh dak2 tu...
dgr cite dr kwn2 yg jd cikgu2, nk ngajar generasi skrg ni mencabar betul (tapi ayu tetap jugak nak jd pensyarah, he he)

emm maybe next time yang lambat tu suh duk depan skali.. xpun before end of the class suh diorg yg lambat tu td present/conclude/recap back what has been discussed for today's class...he he

nak lagi best, 5minit lambat... 5minit berdiri sepanjang kelas..10minit lambat, 10minit lah hu.. xmakan saman gak xtau la kan...