Wednesday, 22 August 2012


The lunch that we have in...I forgot. Galway, perhaps?

Forgot as well. Hahaha.

Yes, this is at..Cliffs of Moher, where the Westlife had filmed their songs.

Giant's Causeway. A friend told me the sad and ironic tale behind these basalt columns.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, Carrick Island, if Iam are not mistaken.

Glendalough. Pretty as a picture.

Tak ingat

Tak ingat

Tak ingat

Hoho, bad memories, hahahha, let's see whether these guys may able to fulfill your curiosity. Anyway, we do not tour Belfast, a bit regret, but I enjoy it the most, our lady's night. We cook the most delicious food, and watch two DVD. TESCO is just under our rented apartment, and there are lots and lots of left-over food. For the first time, I eat the microwave popcorn, sinfully enjoyable.


Hikari-san said...

1- Kedai kebab dekat dengan station bus galway kita makan sambil tunggu along ngan mami kak yatt huhu

2-on the way balik dari cliff of moher-galway coastline

7- At the entrance to glendalough, we just finished the monastery briefing

8- Guinness lake-Wicklow

9-one of hidden lake between sally gap and bogland wicklow ;)

Nur said...


hahha, thanks!

This is the prime reason why I love to have you as a leader trip.

For the lazy me, I'm just curious about the food, the beauty and the fun that we have, but never the names. :)