Monday, 2 July 2012


Syria, I heart thee. I totally understand his grief. Don't argue with me if you never, ever experience the death of loved ones. 

I fall in love with tea. Hot water. Tea leaves. Sugar.

Finally, I have taken a big step towards this concept - dress only for Allah - and asked my students to wear the modest clothes for my classes. I was warned by my boss to not wear jubah to work anymore, masyaAllah, but it made me became more determine to stay true to myself. Watching girls and ladies wear revealing clothes, especially jeans, hurt me so much.  

He. My teacher has instructed me to do this simple thing - remember Him in every second. But, masyaAllah, this is mighty hard. Lahawlawalaquwataillah billah hil'ali'yul azim.

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Hikari-san said...

1.Couldn't agree more. May Allah increases their strength in this tribulation

2. I love tea too.. especially during these raining season ;)

3. Err jangan salahkan jeans.. salahkan si pemakainya ;). I wear jeans too.. terasa aii tau.. :D huhu gurau2 ja ok.. hope to cheer you up..

4. Lets remember HIM day and night, insha'Allah