Monday, 2 January 2012


“I remember asking my friend in Canada who gave me Da’wah – a man I have rarely seen cry – if he cried the first time he saw the Kabah, he smiled at me and said, “Everyone cries the first time they see the Kabah.” I didn’t just cry, I cried hard, I mean I bawled! I don’t think I cried that hard since I had lost a daughter so many years before. The brothers near me stopped to watch me I noticed them observing me but didn’t care as I had made it to Allaah’s House and remembered a lot of the wrong things I had done in my life, remembered Allaah’s favor upon me in choosing to guide me, and beg Allaah to forgive me as I had done so much wrong since accepting Islam.” - A Canadian revert on first seeing the Ka’bah.

Taken by Zainab Al Satrawi

I cry every time I see the Ka'abah.

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