Thursday, 21 April 2011



I once laughed at my friend, she has accidentedly put her thumb drive into the washing machine. Now, I have spilled minyak gamat on mine. Oh karma!

Is it a sin for praying that Real Madrid will win this time? And I am so happy until I cry when Barcelona is trashed by 0-1. Sorry. Maybe trashed is a little bit harsh word. Well.

The moon has been a little bit waned yesterday. Still wearing the magnificent orange when she goes to bed though. It's eerie to see her in that colour.

Sahabat, sabar lah. Wahai diri, sabarlah. Tiada apa yang boleh mengatasi segala duka dan permasalahan kecuali sabar. Sabar dan solat. Ayuh, mari jumpa Sang Pengasih itu.

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