Monday, 11 April 2011



We spend a day in Dundee city, where the sun shines so brightly, but it is really humid. Maybe it is my first outing on the hot day, and I really feel uncomfortable. But, what a day we have. The daffodils smile beautifully, and the sky sings so happily.

I wish you are here to witness such a majestic day.


Unknown said...

Salam my beloved sis...

I miss Daffodils and YOU!!! (^_^)

All the best and you take care ok...

Have a nice spring!!


Nur said...

Salams Along yang dimuliakan,

I Miss YOU too! Ah, I miss our times in Preston's parks.

You too, all the best k, please update me anything. Spring is missing you too, and please include me in your du'a.

-Kak Nur - (kene letak kah? hahahah)

Anonymous said...

oh God, i can't help but to imagine myself standing over there, surrounded by the very bright color of blossoming daffodils.

Nur said...


Indeed, indeed, it's one of the most pleasurable feelings to be surrounded by one of the most majestic creatures .

Please do imagine can always take these pictures and edit it and put yourself in the middle of these yellow carpet of daffodils!