Saturday, 16 April 2011



As we live in the West now, let's have some cake and bread for dinner, shall we? Alex (the German lady - beautiful, tall, blonde, blue eyes) bakes some apple cake (apfelkuchen) this afternoon. The smell has enticed me, and prompted me to go the kitchen and practically begged for a taste. It's a little bit dry though, I like the rich, moist cake, nevertheless, it's super super yummy! She even teaches me how to pronounce apfelkuchen, but I already forgot how to.

I miss baking.

I could never imagine that I will like a jam/cheese sandwich. Like Calvin (as Calvin in the Calvin and Hobbes series) who is always trying to find some excuses to get a peanut-butter sandwich, I always find myself to walk to the kitchen and making the jam/cheese sandwich.

It's a wonderful world, despite some minor setbacks. It's truly a wonderful wonderful world. Please don't be sad, look at the golden clouds and the blue sky, isn't it the most glorious scene you've ever seen?

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