Monday, 4 April 2011


Germany all the way.


I always think that I’m good with words. I can write beautiful sentences that can convey my true, exact feelings. I can even construct sentences that will force people to think and reflect. That’s quite an achievement I think, I mean, being able to move people is an honour, bestow by God Al-Mighty.

But lately, the gift is lost. (See, I’m at lost to explain it). Because I haven’t read much these past 2 years, I haven’t pruned my skills. I also do not have the ability anymore; can it be God already took it away? (Owh my God – nauzubillah).

Simply, I think, I don’t have a heart anymore. The heart is everything for me. I’m not a logical person like one of my best friends. I also do not possess the magic of writing with the flair like the other one. I wear my heart on my sleeve.


Where have you been? Are you trying to leave me? Are you sick? Are you simply vanishing into a thin air and leaving me stranded? Or are you playing a hide-and-seek game? Do you really have to disappear at this crucial moment? Don’t toy with me; you know that I’m not strong enough without you.

And where are you at the time where I need you the most? Life is black without you. No more a rainbow. Or prism. At least, a prism will shine when the light goes through it. And the best prism is you.

But, if, the manifestation of kun fayakun is indeed that you will be disappear, so be it.

p/s: ini ler ghopanyer kalau patah hati. I hate it. Thus, don’t ever fall in love with football. It is useless. Damn worthless. Damn hopeless.


tepianmuara said...

selamat kembali kak.

oh, hati sendiri kalau merajuk memang payah nak pujuk. tahu rasa ini. lost.

ubatnya saya rasa berbeza tiap kali. kadang yang kecil-kecil...

teruskan mengetuk pintunya. mungkin si hati hanya mahu menguji sejauhmana sayangmu.


ASaL said...

Don't play with your heart hard. It may leave scars. Don't close it tight, coz when you open only then things can enter.

Nur said...


Salams, owoh, saya ngga apa2...sumpah..I've just fallen in love with football, and I, like my father, always root for the underdogs...Kalau kamu mengikuti Champion League misalannya, Chealsea dan Shaktar itu kalah pada ManUnited dan Barcelona.

Ya, anda jua, teruskan mengetuk si hati.

*icon pakai spek mata hitam*

Nur said...


Kak! I miss you. I never play with my heart....Did you..? *suspicious*...Hahaha...It's a pity that I'm here, thus I couldn't see your body language and detect certain auras.

Well, will go back and drill you again though.

*icon usap dagu untuk berfikir*

But I think, the spring here is celebrating the feelings!

ASaL said...

You might guess it wrongly :) I've quit for football, for F1, for basketball. I even quit TV except movie.
Sadly me too don't read that much anymore.
Perhaps I should start moving and aiming for the new stories to be publish.
Yet, seem that I'm drain with ideas, or lack of time managemnent skill, or like you, I'm too lost my heart.

Nur said...


I don't think my intuition is wrong :P.

Owh please don't lose your heart, kak, as many people are looking up to you. Fall, if you must, but rise again, as I know you have more than enough capabilities to be a great shining star.

Come here, if you may. Breathe in the delicious spring air, where the bluest sky is waiting, where the dandelions and cherry blossoms are
laughing and smiling cheekily to you, at you, and for you.