Monday, 14 March 2011




We are pretty in blue, aren't we?


Anonymous said...

my room is painted in blue. :D

Nur said...

Wow, seriously?

Mine is in yellow. :)

Let's be pretty in red, next time, shall we?

tepianmuara said...

blue my fav.


jap, profile pic latest ni 'kat situ' kan?
kan kan kan.


Nur said...

Dimana ya?

I know you have lots of places that you love, but if my inkling is correct, yes, 'kat situ'.

tepianmuara said...


Sebelum keluar lagi, saya dah janji akan datang lagi. InsyaAllah.
Dan saya terfikir juga, indahnya kalau dapat membawa mak abah bersama. You did just that, don't you?

It was our first destination.
yet, I felt, this alone would worth the trip from Jordan.

Aisyah said...


Nur, love the pics. Thanks for sharing

ps: especially the girl in turqoise headscraf - I have that pashmina as well ;-)

Nur said...


Yes, I did just that. Had to scroll your posts to confirm my inkling. The journey was two years ago, yet I still taste the happiness it brings.

Pray that you'll able to do that. Is Italy worth a trip then?

Nur said...



Love your latest post, I was going to write about it in my spare time too, but am waiting for the right mood to strike.

Alhamdulillah, I just copy paste all the pictures. You love blue too? You look pretty in blue. I used to have that turqoise pashmina, but I give it away! It is cheap in London though, should buy it before you go back home :)