Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim,


Allahumma Solli A'la Saiyidna Muhamad, Waa'la aa'li Saiyidna Muhammad.

I couldn't remember whose post saying that h/she likes a lamp post. I, on the other hand, do not have a particular dear feeling toward this creation, even though my room is situated directly in front of it. At night, with its spreading light, I would be able to recognize whether it is the snow or a baby rain that gracefully falls from the earth.

But I like the lamp post in the Spirited Away. Such a cute character, even though it is created voiceless. In fact, I love every single creature created in the movie. Especially the soot sprites, they are so adorable! A very small creature, yet possess a strong will and energy to carry a heavy coal. Perhaps we should be more like them, as we see our problems are bigger than we are.

There are some sort of unofficial revolutions in Bahrain and Libya. As stated, there were 500 martyr Libyan, and at this very moment, there is a massacre in Tripoli. When I read this twitter message:

LuvMEsomeObama‎ RT @Jnoubiyeh: Dictator Muammar #Gaddafi stated that he "will fight until the very end." #Libyans have bravely responded, "And so will we."#Libya #Feb17

my heart shivers. AllahuAkbar! Here I repost what Faisal Tehrani has wrote:

Sepatah kata Ayatullah Jaafar Hadi, 'Manusia sudah berani menuntut keadilan dan kebenaran, dan itu adalah asas pertama kemunculan sang penyelamat.

What a moving word, isn't it? And here I reblog the picture taken from Muz that breaks my heart into a million pieces. Please make a du'a for our muslim sisters and brothers. When you do qiyam, please make a du'a for us, for them, for every one.

Such a heartbreaking world today. But I have found a little happiness in learning a new word: compelling. I was right when I long suspected that it carries a negative meaning, but imagine my surprise that when I google its meaning, Mr. Know-Everything Google has shown a very different definition for this word.

"Evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way."

Wow. What image comes to your mind when you read the above definition, by the way?


orang leicester said...

Faisal Tehrani adalah pro-syiah, demonstrasi di Bahrain adalah dari penganut Syiah Imamiyah Rafidhah yg memusuhi Sunni i.e. pihak pemerintah Bahrain adalah dari Sunni. Kegilaan umat Arab dgn revolusi sekarang membuka peluang utk Syiah di Bahrain menjatuhkan kerajaan Sunni. Bab ini kita perlu berhati2. Iraq juga menuju pemerintahan Syiah lantikan Amerika sekarang, begitu juga di Syria di mana konflik Syiah Sunni sangat tragis. Musuh Syiah yg utama ialah Sunni, hatta Israel pun jatuh di tempat kedua.


orang Leicester.

Nur said...

Salams Din,

Faisal berkali-kali menafikan bahawa dia Syiah. Kalau kau baca dari semasa ke semasa, dia dah declares that he isn't syiah. Maybe he's pro-syiah, I don't know.

Aku rasa semua pergaduhan melibatkan syiah-sunni adalah steamed from the USA and talibarut yahudi, well, it's a known fact that they have wanted us to be fighting with each others instead of focusing on ummah.

But I like his quote, and I want it to be true, ameeen.


Hikari-san said...

Err saya pun setuju dengan pendapat org leicester ;). Both- Isu bahrain dan isu FT sebagai pro syiah.

Kebangkitan dunia arab memang 'suspen' tetapi perjuangan untuk isu kemanusiaan, hak rakyat, perubahan yang lebih baik kita mesti sokong.. cuma takut menang sorak kampung tergadai..

FT kata dia bukan syiah, tapi banyak promosi berkenaan syiah, promosi ada mcam2 jenis dan dari pelbagai perspectives.. ahaa.. ;).. Bukan isu syiah-sunni menyebabkan perpecahan, tetapi fokus kepada ummahlah menyebabkan salehuddin alayubi membersihkan mesir dari syiah pada zamannya.. Siapakah sang penyelamat dalam quote ayatullah jaafar hadi? ceewah..

Keselamatan, kekuatan & keamanan semua dari Allah.. Semoga ummah dalam peliharaan Allah,..

Nur said...


Hahaha, thanks, saya memang kurang berminat untuk mengetahui tentang syiah-sunni issue. Yah, I'm quite bad in this issue, forgive me.

I just like the quote, tak sangka plak jadi issue here, again, forgive me for not googling it first.

Wah, serious Salehuddin Al-Ayubi membersihkan Mesir from syiah? will google it later, he's my idol. But I still feel that USA and sekutu are behind this issue. Or perhaps putting the fat on fire.

I really hope that we will see the new world that surely clean up from all the social sickness, insyaAllah.

Been waiting for Imam Mahdi!

InsyaAllah, ameeen to your du'a.

Hikari-san said...

errr saya pun bukan tahu sangat/pakar isu sunni-syiah in depth, tapi maklum ada isu ini..:)..

Awak tak salah apa2 ;). Semuanya personal opinions, so we're free to give opinions based on our understanding, aren't we? i might be wrong.. Allah knows best!

nothing wrong with the quote, hehehe.. iklan je.. :D.. menyambung promosi FT.. waahh...

Nur said...


Yep, sangat ramai mempertikaikan dia nih Syiah, sampai berkali2 membuat statement kat blog dia , dia bukan syiah. But since memang dia banyak buat promosi mengenai syiah seperti awak cakap, people may start to be suspicious, wouldn't they?

Apart from this issue, we should focus on the Ummah's issues such as safety etc etc etc, again like you've highlighted.

I've read somewhere, but I have completely forgotten its reference, they ask the USA to be out from Islamic world, as the USA is the rooted of all evils in the Middle East. The political students may give more information and opinions.

Or, do you guys have any ideas?

Wow, I'm having a major crisis in my cross-referencing thingy, thanks for keeping giving your opinions, I need the distraction, badly.

Hikari-san said...

-Wah, They asked USA to be out from Islamic world? mmm nanti siapa pulak nak beli minyak dari negara arab? 'Islamic world' tu luas definasinya.. First of all kena keluarkan dulu troops2 derang kat afgan, iraq.. la kot..

p/s-wah rajin pulak saya dengan komen2 hari ni.. :) maaf la komen tah apa2 je..

Nur said...

Thanks for commenting, I need it at the moment.And I lurveeeeee your comments.

I think they meant it to be in a politically way. Most of Middle East countries' foreign policies are based on the USA and Israel conditions. Like they have signed the treaty to not having war with Israel etc etc etc (maleh google foreign policy depa).

Or maybe, this is the Islamic movement? The current generations are completely fed-up with their govts' fake promises, and maybe, owh maybe, this is what Allah has promised since 1400 years ago. insyaAllah, insyaAllah. Will be nice to live in the era where Islam is on the rise.

Owh the oil? Have no fear, dear, China and Russia are becoming their biggest clients, not to mention India as well. It's nice isn't it? Rasa macam pakatan axis, erk, ya ka? Bad History-memorisation!

Teruskan mengomen, saya dah rasa nak pengsan tgk paper saya.