Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Salam pembaca yang dimuliakan, moga di bulan Rejab ini, kemuliaan mu bertambah-tambah, benar, ujian yang mendatang bukan sahaja mampu menggugah iman, malah mampu mengkufurkan, moga-moga kaki mu tetap teguh berdiri bersandarkan kalimah Lailahaillallah.


Kami semua nya Sponge Bob, cuma seorang sahaja Elmo. Walaupun ia bukan karektar kartun yang saya gemari kerana saya lebih memilih Calvin, Sponge Bob is actually a nice character. He is so honest and lurus bendul (am I like that ????), lots of silly things happen to him, but eventually, like Min said, he will always turn out to be well. I hate the yellow colour, perhaps if they repainting it to red, I might consider to like him. And the words of caution to all the Sponge Bobs, do not befriend with the traitors and jealous persons. However, as Zeah pointed it out, how could we recognize that they are traitors? Ehmm, true, how true.

But Zeah, we love Elmo too.


Lots of my dreams have come true this month. I would like to write it down and share it with you, but as my eyes have rebel againts my heart (traitors!), I bid you good bye, good nite, and may Allah’s love and grace and rahmah be with you. And to those who are struggling againts the laziness and writer’s block syndroms, have no fear friends of heart, let’s enjoy the summer while it lasts (and don’t believe my advice, I’m trying to lure you to the forbidden path of happiness. And this advice is applicable to all of my friends here, in UK, the students in Malaysia). I have, indeed, been blessed with the good food, good friends and good books in this summer.

But as they are saying, every good thing will come to the end. And I’m dreading to wait for the end. Perhaps I will say this again and again, there is no use to love people, to love anything, because ultimately, it will be taken from you.

But, I can’t resist to love, after all, I’m alive.

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