Sunday, 23 October 2011



Membuat persiapan terakhir. Bonda yang mengemaskan semua barang-barang, alhamdulillah. Saya ini odai, saat akhir masih keluar membeli barang-barang yang diperlukan. Sungguh mahal hidup di Malaysia ini *sigh*. You, all the menteri-menteri, please be prepared to answer to Allah swt in the Judgement Day.

I wish Dad is here, I have so many things to ask. Inilah padahnya tidak masuk kelas. I was thinking of visiting his grave tomorrow morning. To say good bye. My heart feels that it has been ripped apart, a million pieces. Cik Peah and Cik Som came to visit us this morning, and Mum cried stating that Dad has been gone for 4 months and 22 days. I haven't realise it. Dad, Abah. I think he sorts of knowing that I'll be answering the call from Allah swt, The Summoner. And I imagine he will wave me good bye, for sure praying for me.

Abah, I really really really miss you. I wish you were with us. I'll go to Haramain tomorrow, where we have visited it together 5 years ago. I know you have the intention to go for hajj this year with me, alas. Alas...

I do not have enough time, but I do want to leave you with this beautiful, beautiful reminder. In fact I think this is the most magnificent wake-up call for me.

From Imam Al-Ghazali's book, Penenang Jiwa, interpreted by Muhammad Qadirun Nur:

Allah s.w.t telah memberikan wahyu kepada Nabi Musa a.s:

"Wahai Musa, jika engkau ingin Aku lebih dekat kepadamu daripada ucapanmu kepada lisanmu, daripada keraguan hatimu kepada hatimu, daripada rohmu kepada jasadmu, daripada cahaya penghilatanmu kepada matamu, dan daripada pendengaranmu kepada telingamu, maka perbanyakkanlah membaca selawat kepada Nabi Muhamad s.a.w."

I don't know about you, but for me, what is the nearest thing between the roh and the jasad? Nothing except the death. Yet, if we want Allah swt to be closed to us, closer than the roh in jasad, we need to, we must to, we have to, recite Selawat as much as we can.

Selawat, yuk?

Farewell, my friends, until we meet again, insyaAllah.

LabbaikAllah humma labbaik.

Mush dash!
Love, as always.