Monday, 4 July 2011



Bismillahirrahman nirrahiim,

Allahuma Solli 'Ala Sayyidina Muhamad, wa'ala Ali Sayyidna Muhamad,

How shameless I am for my past entry. I went a little bit crazy yesterday, and pour my heart out in my entry.

Nevertheless, I am thankful, and grateful to Allah the Most Excessively, Especially Merciful, Ar-Rahman nir-Rahiim, The Utmost Kind, for sending me some priceless gifts, or rezk, or rahmah, through many du'a, and kind words from these special people. People who are really understand what I am going through, who have lost more than me, but are still standing tall. May Allah swt bless them with the best rezk, with the strongest protection, with the most beautiful life.

Ermayum - who has lost both of her parents. Enno - who has lost her mum. Asal - who has lost her father, her only sister, and her nephew. Aishah - who has lost her mum. And Din - who is currently facing many trials and tribulations.

And you - the strongest among us.

I want to share you some serious matters. I seldom fall in love, but when I fall, I fall hard.

I have fallen in love with this man. This beautiful man, who I bet, has many many admires which haven't hesitate to offer themselves to him. Including me, if I have a chance. (Offer means - marriage).

This man's name is Nouman Ali Khan.

Listen to one of his speeches, and you will understand why many ladies will fall for him. The thing that I really really love about him is his urges for us to go back to Al-Quran. Perfecting our solat by improving our relationship with Al-Quran. Everything he says is always concerning about Al-Quran. The words of Allah swt. To learn ancient arabic so we can really understand this brilliant kitab. To wonder at these magnificent kalam, and implement it in our lives, insyaAllah.

You know what? My weakest ability is listening. I'm not a good listener, but I will strive hard to be a good one insyaAllah. I can't listen clearly, either in Malay, my mother-tongue language, or English, the language that I am forced to excel. Nevertheless, I can listen clearly, word by word, uttered by this man. MasyaAllah. SubhanAllah. How great is it? Sometimes I wonder about the Majestic Allah swt, who bestows me this nikmat.

I envy him, in many aspects, and insyaAllah, I also want to be like him, encouraging people to not lose hope in Allah swt's mercy and love and rahmah. Please pray for me. You can visit him through these sites: Muslimmatters, Halaltube, and many sessions in youtube.

In the meantime, take care. And like Ayza Gursoy prays for me, I pray for you guys -Allah'a emanet olun - Saya amanahkan anda kepada Allah.

Salam kasih.