Saturday, 19 March 2011

How many lives that have been gone due to the unprecedented nonsensical wars? In Libya, there are no cease fires between the stupid government and the rebels, Innalillah. The USA, in particular, and the world in general are not taking this matter seriously. True, the conditions in Japan require more specific attentions and aids, but it does not mean that we shall forget the rest of the world that have been afflicted and plagued with many problems; blood wars, poverty, diseases, famine.

And Gaza, we have been completely oblivious to the Palestine tragedy nowadays, haven't we?


I have enough of moon gazing last night, thus I feel that I am entitled to take a break from this gazing business. It was beautiful last night, as usual, the colour is real white, with the orange ring around it. And after Subuh, the colour had changed into yellow cheese, surprisingly, with no ring to accompany her.

But tonight, inspired by a fellow blogger who wished to become her own knight shining armour, I pick my abaya and shawl (I already hang my scarf and jeans), put my winter jacket, take the keys and voila, off I am to the adventure of finding the full moon. I couldn't see it through my window, and the best option is to go out.

There it is, pale due to the heavy clouds guarding it like a protective mother. True, its size doesn't change much from last night, at least through my perceptible eyes. I couldn't stay long, as the Wind Lady dances madly and brings the shivering cold with her.

So long, my moony moon.

Me too.

Gazing at the full moon tonight, I am more than convince that it will be a part of The Neverland.

They say the moon will be the largest in full shape in two decades tomorrow. Let's hope that we watch it, and marvel what a wonderful creature it is. Always zikr, always praises the Al-Mighty.

Night then.

Have faith, my dear friends.

Have faith that everything will be okay.

Have faith.

So, with every difficulty there is relief; verily with every difficulty there is relief. (94: 5-6)

There is a strange relief in the dark honesty of it. To say it out loud.

And we wish it would never be unsaid, isn't it?

To be who we are, to be acceptable for who we are, are the greatest gifts someone can ever give us.

I have lots of friends who are regretting their career decisions. All I want to say it - it's not to late to work on something that you truly love. Society doesn't dictate you to be what, we are not communist, and you are free to choose your own paths. The fact is, we are never brave enough to step out from our comfort zone, aren't we?

Wouldn't. Wouldn't carry a vast different meaning from couldn't.

Choose it. Choose it well.

Don't hide behind reasons. A coward will always do it.

Sometimes we need reasons to justify our actions. However, sometimes, inexplicably, we do not have a reason to carry out any action. That's why in murder case, murder without intention is pardonable.

*erk, salah example*

Anyway, you wouldn't do it. But actually, you couldn't do it.

Guru kencing berdiri, anak murid kencing berlari. Basically, if the leader behaves like shit, the followers, without no doubt, will behave shittier.

Recently, there are news about gay teachers, who blog about their disgusting habits. A teacher. Blogging. Innalillah. Astagfirullah. I nearly vomit when I read it.

Even though I am a great fan of the freedom of speech concept, however, there are major lines that I won't cross. This gay thing, for example. I do not need to cite what dangers this unspeakable behaviour will bring, diseases, moral corruption, not to mention Allah's retribution. I will understand it if the people engaged in this horrible behaviour are uneducated ( actually, I still fail to understand it), however, not for someone who holds the most respectable job in the entire galaxy. And proudly announce to the entire world of his sexual preference.

What happens to the world? This abominable fact is earth-shattering, how could we stoop lower than an animal?

If I may be forgiven by saying this: I'm well-trained before. Or in other words, previously, I am like a parrot. Mirroring all the facts faithfully on the exam papers. When it comes to the application, I am zero. Zero, I repeat. I do not know which one is wrong, whether I should be blamed, or the current education that is devotedly manufacturing graduates.

It is at the present time that I'll be able to recognise the merit and dismerit of a theory. A little better than before. To understand how the policy affect the world, particularly to the third world country. I wish that every present student is being bestowed with this kind of wisdom, earlier in their lives, so any desired changes will be attainable. Any repugnant political corruption, any disgusting resources misallocation, any corrupted moral behaviour, thus, are avoidable.

I pray. Hard.

I always have a soft spot for the romantic, silly things. Dare to write that I miss thee?


It's not because that I do not dare. It is because I do no longer feel it.


In The Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Meciful.

Allahumma Solli A'la Saidina Muhamad, wa'ala a'li Saidina Muhamad.

It takes a lot of courages to forgive and forget, to be able to be free from the anger and hatred, to inhale the air with the open lungs, to embrace the present with an open, pretty heart.

What a courage.

But as a Muslim, to fall is a normal thing, to sin is an unavoidable thing, but we should never give up, in life, in love, in repentance. Because we are Muslims. Let's be greater than the baby Waterfowl.

Say, "O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful. (39: 53)