Monday, 20 December 2010


Meet one of the best specialists today. Last meeting with another MO was horrible. He shredded whatever left of my dad's beliefs, hopes and faiths. I felt like writing a letter of complaint to the management, I'm still feeling it. But today, the specialist, is fully deserved to be called a 'specialist'.

The UK's weather is -10, -10 my friends, -10! It's freezing, beyond words, beyond imagination.

I have this nasty feeling of leaving Malaysia in a very choutic condition. Responsibility vs. responsibility. However, like a friend's word: leave everything to Allah swt. What a comfy word.

I haven't finish writing and editing. To curse at my laziness is not an option. To be ungrateful after receiving so much grace and bless, is inexcusable. Ahhhh, in the name of pursuing an academic excellence!