Monday, 2 January 2012





Bismillah hirRahman nirRahiim,

Allahumma Slli "Alaa Saidina Muhamad wa'aala 'Aali Saidina Muhamad,

Sahabat-sahabat yang dimuliakan, semoga sentiasa di dalam Rahmat Allah swt.

Saya tertarik dengan dua post di Facebook. Sangat menarik untuk difikirkan.

The UPSI violence is once again reigniting the debate on political freedom for university students. If 'distraction from studies' is behind the denial of this right, the government must also ban facebook, 9gag, usrah and EPL. Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland joined the Norwegian Labour Movt at the age of SEVEN, survived medical school, got a masters degree from Harvard, has done more than any Malaysian has to promote public health, sustainable development, gender empowerment, and even stopped SARS... So those of you who are offering 'advice' to the student activists in Malaysia to focus on their studies in very condescending ways, are you doing THAT well in your studies? (@Hammad Fahli, 2012)

Gituh la tak halal duit segala. Aku pon tak halalkan duit pinjaman kerajaan yang korang guna untuk deting, main muzik memekak tengah malam, pegi club, isi minyak moto untuk merempit. Aci? (@khadijah, 2012)

For those who have done economics must know where the money come from, and go to. Remember, it is just a flow of money. It doesn't belong to any parties: be it households, firms, governments or foreign companies. Don't be swayed with any opinions, especially concerning the economics concepts: taxes and subsidies.

And for those who believe that the students' main jobs are to study, it truly shows how shallow your belief is. Why are they so afraid of changing? Of being better? Of believing and thus implementing the syariah law?

Let's pray and hope that our 2012 will be our best year to come. Better, let's believe.


“I remember asking my friend in Canada who gave me Da’wah – a man I have rarely seen cry – if he cried the first time he saw the Kabah, he smiled at me and said, “Everyone cries the first time they see the Kabah.” I didn’t just cry, I cried hard, I mean I bawled! I don’t think I cried that hard since I had lost a daughter so many years before. The brothers near me stopped to watch me I noticed them observing me but didn’t care as I had made it to Allaah’s House and remembered a lot of the wrong things I had done in my life, remembered Allaah’s favor upon me in choosing to guide me, and beg Allaah to forgive me as I had done so much wrong since accepting Islam.” - A Canadian revert on first seeing the Ka’bah.

Taken by Zainab Al Satrawi

I cry every time I see the Ka'abah.