Saturday, 22 January 2011


A somber, grey, sad sky, perfectly fits the picture of an evening winter. But there is a ray of sunshines, smiling prettily, waving good bye, wishing a good moonlight and a beautiful of starry night. You! As if you know how to heal the hurt. I'll see you tomorrow morning, Mr. Sunshine, insyaAllah.

A friend wrote that the pressure level of doing a research is at mega super super mega level. A friend told me that it's really annoying to see people at this stage. Yes, it will not only affect our moods, attitudes, behaviours, but also our lives. I'm not asking for the understanding, but I do not expect the sneers, jeers, and the illogical animosity. I'm still a human, and it should be the sole reason for any treatment that I receive.

At twilight, it's still the most beautiful painting I've came across. If I'm a painter, I will create a thousand pieces of arts reflecting its gorgeousness. If I'm the pianist, I'll play the songs worthy of its beauty. If I'm the singer, I'll sing the most wonderful song, celebrating its majesty. If I'm a writer, I'll write a million pages on its splendour and magnificence. Alas, I'm just a normal being.

Is there any words that could convey exact my feelings? Grateful. Yes, the word is grateful.

I'm going to study Sejarah next time. Writing in BM, see if my brains can cope it. Why do we have to write in English then? Is it because British and USA win the World War II? In Japan, for example, the language used during business transactions are Japanese. May be it has changed recently, but still, Japan is a member of G8. Comprehend that. May be I should start learning Japanese then.

I can't sleep, maybe I have drank so many coffee and tea. The amount of imported coffee and tea in Malaysia is at a staggering over RM6 billion in 2008 alone. We have Lipton, we have Boh, why do we have to import all of these kind of teas and coffees? This is called meeting various consumer demands. According to Miss Geologist, Britain imports tea and coffee from us (Southeast Asian countries), most of it, because they do not have tea and coffee plantations. Yah, and I buy Twinning teas, Harrods teas and Whittard teas and coffee. Owh Allahim.


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Please pray for our safety and sanity here. We need it, owh we so need it.