Saturday, 24 December 2011




His death still doesn’t make sense to me.

Up ‘till today, I haven’t visit his grave. Not before Hajj, not after Hajj.

Sort of afraid of accepting reality, my cowardice disgusts me.

Al-Fatihah, Dad. I miss you. Always. The beauty of life has gone with you. Oh Allah swt, You promise us that You will grant every our very hearts’ desires, please help me. Please help me in going through this greatest trial in my life. 



In Gibraltar. I love, love this place. He took pictures with the monkeys, which amazed me. I was really afraid of so many animals, yet he loved them.



In Istanbul, Turkey. Once he told me that he preferred of touring Europe rather than Turkey, because he believed that he had time to go to Turkey at other times. But I’m glad that I didn’t take his suggestion, because Istanbul is easily the best place I’ve ever set my foots in, with them.



In Ustinov College, Durham UK, where I used to stay. I hate its small room, yet I love its vast kitchen. I love the surrounding, yet I hate it when I have to take bus to go to the town.



Al-Hambra, Spain. He really wanted to go there to see its history. I just want to go there with them.



In London, England. We performed Jum’aah Prayer in this mosque. This is my first time being there as well. After that, we went to Turkish dinner place for lunch. I think he loved London. Sort of an awesome place.




In Germany, where we visited the castle. I loveeeeeeeeee this place, this scenery, this picture. I love Munich, I love their Turkish community, I love their food.

I’ll meet you again, insyaAllah.