Sunday, 10 April 2011



I love daffodils, always. No matter how much I try to love other flowers, except tulips, I always go for these beauties. It does have certain unfathomable attractions, subhanAllaah, that draw people like us. Nowadays, it has been blossoming everywhere. And what magical about these flowers is, it always bows to the opposite direction of the sunshines. Just like us.

On the way to Scotland, we see a carpet of rapeseed plants, a majestic yellow blanket. Not that I have ever taste the canola oil due to its unavailability in Durham city, but I would love to try one, later in the future insyaAllah. I want to see a carpet of bluebells in Wendover Woods on the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire, playing with the wood pixies and dancing with the blue fairies under the blue mushroom. Isn't it nice?

These pictures are for you, may it bring something surprisingly wonderful in you life, right now, right here.