Sunday, 27 March 2011



The contrasted weather today from yesterday does puzzle me a bit. The mysterious Act of God never fails to amaze me. The sun has decided to show herself after a few days of gloom, sad and mist. How a ray of sunshine manages to uplift our own spirits is another mystery.

A tree in front of my building has produced yellow flowers that are so pretty that it hurts my heart. I just realize it yesterday, what a fool I was. But as today is a Sunday, which should be dubbed as a Lazy Sunday, I amtherefore thinking of going out tomorrow and capture the spring moments, for this is truly my last Spring in this English La Land. Speaking about Spring, it is official today, as we have forwarded our clock by one hour and we are in British Summer Time. It means that the time difference between the UK and Malaysia is only seven (7) hours, instead of eight (8) hours. It feels closer to home your know, figuratively. And the evenings are longer, Maghrib is around 7.33, and I do feel normal even though the Maghrib time will be later in the later months.

But let the future speaks for herself, in the meantime, let’s enjoy our spring picnic times.