Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Assalamualaikum wbk,

Bismillah hirRahman nirRahiim,

Was studying, am studying and will be forever studying, insyaAllah.

Yesterday, I saw a coffin in a limousine, indicating a death of an elder. My hostel is situated directly in front of a old folk home. Shivering, I couldn't contain my sadness for a while. Sad for inexplicable reason and afraid for my own death. Death is inevitable, said my SV. So do tax and sunshines.

In reading some articles regarding to the public role, I have came across Iberian Peninsula, where Islam has been predominated since early 8th century. Where is it? It turns out that it's near to Gibraltar. A place where I visit last two years with my parents. The self-proclaimed best fish and chips. The shopping trips. And the cheeky monkeys. I should never live in the past, really. And you, enjoy your Spain trip!

Is drinking coffee bad for your health? I've bought the coffee, Douwe Egberts, own by Dutch, and start drinking it with milk. Not my cup of tea, usually I don't abuse my body with putting in more sugar and caffeine. I don't drink juices as well, I should take advantage of the cheaper juices here. I've read somewhere that the best coffee is Kopi Luwak, the most expensive and tastiest, and it's originated from Indonesia! And here I am, drinking coffee from the Netherlands. Disgusting.

My room is situated directly facing the sun. We have an extremely good weather nowadays, warmer and more sunshines. But as the British sky is quite empty of the clouds, the sun shines harshly sometimes, burning my face. I'm already a dark-skinned lady, I'm afraid that I'll become unrecognizable at the end of my study. Sigh.