Sunday, 23 January 2011


Bismillah hirRahman nirRahiim,


Kullu am wa antum bikhair.

In studying the impact of documented migrant workers, I have came across the issues related to the illegal workers. If I dig deeper, I will stumble upon the human trafficking issue, which just reading on its surface will break my heart.

Hear me, what compel a person to leave practically everything and starts a new life at foreign soils? The biggest push factors are unemployment and poverty while the biggest pull factors are the demand for low-paid services labour. But sometimes people believe that instead of selling a physical labour and service, it's better to sell a human. Read this: the total revenue from this illegal trade is between USD 5-9 billion annually.

I nearly vomit when I read the experiences told by the survivors of this most cruel trade: human trafficking. They are human, made from flesh and bloods, they are not a cute kitten or a beautiful flurry coat. Most of them are women and children (additional: of course there are males as well, come to think about it, it's seriously weird), yet the traders dare to touch these precious beings with their dirty hands. Most of them are being tricked and lured into this business, and many of them are kidnapped from their respective families.

I come from an affluent migrant family, therefore I am protected, alhamdulillah, from these kinds of lives. My families and relatives are involved in legal businesses, thus my experiences with the evil worlds are very limited, or perhaps to nonexistence. My knowledge come from books and films, as I am yet to encounter the depth of this evil trading. I always migrate, but as a knowledge-seeker, not as an income earner.

I always have this irrational desire to investigate this kind of issues. My original topic is Economics and Crime, focusing on the prison, but my sponsor wants me to examine the level and consequences of corruption in Malaysia, which I doubt I'll be alive after publishing my papers. My sister wants to study the human trafficking in Malaysia, which may bring her to neighbouring countries, alas her SV has opposed it as it's a dangerous topic for a lady. My other sister wants to specialize in the forensic and crime scene investigation, alas my Dad has prevented it. We may not have the police blood in our veins, but the sense of justice is still prevailing, and thus drive us to seek equity, fairness, integrity and freedom.

We are, if you may believe it, a justice fighter.