Friday, 21 January 2011



Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahiim,

I was out at 7.55am today, where the sun barely shows himself. The weather is extremely cold, it is minus 4 (-4 Celsius). I went to Bowburn to bid Ustaz Mazlee and Ustazah Hamidah goodbye. I feel like a hole in my heart, even though I'm not that close to them. They were among the families that asked my parents to have dinners, and for that, and many other reasons, I am greatly grateful. I wish all the best for their future undertakings, and I'm going to miss that little Mujadid.

Because it is so cold today, and I am out for quite sometimes, I feel close to fever. Yah, my room is really warm, and we don't expect that the temperature will fall so low. The sun is shining so brightly, yet the day is so cold. Deceitful. How could you smile so beautifully, yet so coldly? My face feels numb, my hands icy, and there are frosted leaves everywhere. Truly magnificent scenery, yet it's chilled to the bones.

My SV asks me, are you happy with your study? Why does he ask me out of sudden? Is he happy with my progress? Nervously, I answer that I'm totally happy. Yes, if my fellow friends read the following paragraphs, they will have their best laugh for today.

Why I'm happy?

I know the different between time series and panel data. I know the adf test, how to read the p-test, what's meant by significance. I know OLS, and their residual tests. I know robustness. I know VAR. To write these embarrassing simple things will embarrass me further, these are the kinds of first year economic students should know. But hell yeah, I know how to contexualization it with the literature review, theories and modelling in the present case. Even though it's really simple.

How could I'm not be happy? Rasa nak lompat-lompat macam kanak-kanak Ribena. Alhamdulillah.

As I've been sleeping for nearly half a day, let's study for at least half a day, shall we?