Friday, 25 February 2011


I’m doing a cross-referencing which I loathe a thousand times more than writing a paper. You could say that I simply do not possess the secretarial skills, and yes, I am in love with words. Thus, in entertaining my crossed mood for tonight, rather than listening to any music that may run my heart amok, I look at the authors’ names and imagine how their lives are, and how do they dance their pens swiftly through the maze of the hurried words.

I like these particular authors’ names: Regmi and Tisdell. Remind me of Ratatouille. The film mocks the chefs around the world, in the cut-throat business where the food presentation and image, chef’s rumours and reputations precede over the food itself. I love it, they even dare to use a mouse to portray the layman. And to combine the cheese with the mushroom? Holala.

Elbadawi and Rocha, they must be old, aren’t they? Their paper is type-written, unlike ours. From the way that they write, it could be deducted that they are pretty kind people, yet really brilliant. They pioneer the macroeconomic determination of remittance, using North Africa and Europe as the subjects of their case study. Are they muslims?

Sato, K. It really reminds me of soto. I never eat bakso, the acclaimed Indonesian food. I have a chance once, yet I could not remember why on earth do I not choose to eat it. Well, one day I will travel to Indonesia and see its richness, vastness and beauty through my own lenses.

Kang, S.J. Remind me of Long Kong the Movie (not related, aren’t they?). It’s the first and I hope to the al-Mighty it will be the last horror movie I’ve ever watched. Instead of perceiving it as scary, I rather believe it is a sad movie. Unrequited love that starts and fuels it all.