Monday, 29 November 2010



I'm so twisted lately. Or perhaps for the rest of my life. Here I repost the blog entry written during my earlier days in Durham. Dare I challenge you guys to enjoy it? :)


I have fallen in love with :


You have to come here to fully appreciate what the place has done to me. Jengka managed to murder the best part of me while I was there, but Durham alhamdulillah, has restored my faith.

The sunshines.

Again, you have to come to any four-seasons countries to fully comprehend this love. I need it. And I think at last, my friends back in Jengka understood my feelings when they were stranded in Jengka because of the flood. The gloomy , murky dead feelings are unspeakable. I will die disgracefully if I am without it.

The twilight. The sunset. The nightfall.

Have you watch any of it lately? In here, it comes with the beautiful bonus: the moon and the stars. They come out earlier, to greet me I think J.

The Elvet River. The way to Elvet River.

The name sounds romantic, don’t you think? Compare it with Sg. Perak. Or Sg. Buaya. Waaaaaa…

The yellow tulips.

It is one of the greatest gifts on earth. And I lie, not only yellow, but in every imaginable colour. When I see any of these flowers, my heart simply stops beating for a few seconds. The beauty, is breathtaking. Glorious. I’m soaked with its exquisiteness.

Daisies. The lovable daisies. No pretending.

Have you seen a field full with daisies? Laughing, teasing with the impish winds? Owh I suspect the puckish elves who dwell in every daisy are having too much fun, dancing and celebrating with the blue sky.

The castle. Whether it is from afar or near.

A friend from Dundee told me that he has seen too many castles, and Durham castle perhaps is nothing for him. But for me, it is a miracle to witness it. I always try to picture it before. But the imagination doesn’t do the justice.

The freedom.

Ask any prisoners what freedom means for them. And feel free to interpret what is meant by a prisoner. And for me, the greatest freedom will be able to go to the kitchen and cook without wearing a veil!

The conscience.

The best gift from The Most Al-Mighty to me. The best. Nothing can beat this gift. I’m thankful, grateful, indebted and syukur. I guess my parents kind of planted it for me, and my former schools and teachers nurtured it. Alhamdulillah. May you and I stay on the sirotal mustaqim, forever. InsyaAllah.

The kindness.

What makes I love thee? Some people say love doesn’t need a reason. But I always do.

Meditation. Pondering.

I love to ponder. Yesterday I bombarded a friend with questions regarding to physic concepts and how can it relate to the Dooms Day. And I would like to know how Mathematic, the so-called great knowledge (acclaimed by my formidable Essex lecturer), can prove the existence of the Highest Power (a.k.a God). I also create a havoc inside my new flat mate’s brain by asking what is meant by long kong- she was struggling for words. I know now even the most brilliant scientists could not fully clarify the photosynthesis process. And how can ants gather together and do the selling and buying activities in their spare time? (like a pasar malam concept back in Malaysia). And why are the male seahorses getting pregnant, not the female? Before a migration, certain birds’ species will gather together in one place, how could they communicate to each other? Do they have a wireless technology? Owh the gift of ponderings. The power of thinking.

Dan kak, masihkah kau ingat soalan aku yang bertubi2 mengenai cerpen pendek itu? Pembaca yang dimuliakan – cerpen itu lebih kurang begini (betoikan yerrr kalu salah):

“Abah, kami pulang dulu. Batu yang Abah guna untuk bunuh Emak ada dibawah tangga”

Wahhhhhhh….cerpen apa ini?

Hope. Believe. Faith.

The thought that these concepts exist make me happy. Enough. I have no sorrow that couldn’t be cured by these conceptions.

Dreams. Daydreamings. Delicious daydreamings

I can sail away in my golden boat full of dreams. To the realms that where the hearts will follow. Some are disgusted with the daydreaming concept, where they view it as a profligate escapism. Everyone needs a diversion. Choose it well.

p/s: penat gile baca labour market….waaaaaa….