Tuesday, 1 March 2011



May you be blessed, in every way, every sense, every day.

The kangen series is killing me. I long to write about the real kangen, but of course I won’t permit myself, it feels like announcing to the whole world, that I’ve revealed the most intimate thoughts, and it always makes me feel naked, bare my soul to the strangers.


But it is fun writing it outloud. Taking it literary, make fun of it, throw it to the street. Rambling. Stray to the unknown path. Go off on the tangent. I like that sometimes. It is like the child in me wants to go out and plays. And like my friends used to say, I can be a playful, naughty child sometimes. Teasing strangers by bombarding them plenty of irrelevant questions regarding to their life, jobs and if I dare, their feelings towards some current issues. Curiosity, remember? Tell me, which child hasn’t been blessed with it? :D

But, as I said, I am long for, so long, to write the serious issues. I’m yearning for being a true writer, reflecting the world concerns particularly. Poverty. Education. Crimes. Wars. Tradition. Income inequality. All of those matters, at least in my heart.

But, the day will come when I’ll be a prominent author. Or dare, to be an economist that contributes significant and vital inputs to the world. The day will come when I sit down with the leading, outstanding policy-makers, discussing the real issues faced by the greater communities. Develop a more constructive society.

My voice will be heard.


But in the mean time, let’s go of ourselves and have fun! Watch the sunset and sunrise, run and try to catch a rainbow, and frolic with the hare, rabbits, squirrels and ducks. Tease the laughing wind lady and giggle under the pouring baby-rains. Smile at the blue sky, join the lightness of being a cloud. Listening to the seagulls like my new friend does. Or me, kangen as always to enjoy the great birds’ chirpings, wondering what are the new gossips in the bird realms?

Dare to join me?

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