Saturday, 9 April 2011



Buat sahabat yang selalu ku cari untuk mengisi kekurangan ku, bukan untuk mengisi kekosongan ku. Untuk santapan roh ku. Yang sentiasa di hati dan takkan pernah mati.

Apakah khabar sahabatku? Ceriakah anda disana?

Today’s weather is 1 Celsius. As I’m in my comfy, in my room, writing to u, I don’t know how cold the outside is. But the weather is absolutely brilliant. Beautiful. The sun is shining, and my heart is also singing, I’m becoming sick of thinking how my heart has became so much dependent on the sun to be happy.

The weather cannot be trusted you know, fully trusted. Even when the sun is shining so arrogantly, it is very2 cold outside there. I have to be a penguin again, but thank God, I don’t have any urgent things to do today, I can put it off for today I mean. Ah! Miss Procrastination!

I went to the university last Friday, and it was absolutely cold, but again, the weather was deceiving everyone, thinking that the sun was out, the sky was cloudless, but it was actually windy, so windy. I couldn’t walk as normal walk, as the wind kept blowing at me, and at one time, I have to stand, or otherwise the wind will swipe me off- thank God, I have put an extra weight-otherwise I’ll be flying!

I forget of what actually I want to write. But as spring is here, everyone's mood is lighter, and happiness is everywhere. I hope too, that the happiness resides in your beautiful, beautiful heart.


Aku jadi penasaran,

melihat cantiknya hatimu.

Aku jadi cemburu,

dengan kamu,

yang sentiasa dilimpahi rasa tawakal,

ujian dianggap kifarah,

cinta dianggap anugerah,

mati dianggap indah.